‘Married at First Sight’: Noi Says Steve Is ‘Not the Husband You See on TV,’ Steve Fires Back


  • Steve and Noi from Married at First Sight Season 14 have broken up. 
  • The pair’s split is getting ugly, with Noi saying Steve isn’t the person he appears to be on TV. 
  • Steve has said his ex is spreading “inaccuracies and misconceptions” about their relationship. 
Screengrab of Noi from 'Married at First Sight' Season 14
Noi from ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lifetime via YouTube

The latest Married at First Sight breakup is getting ugly. Steve and Noi from season 14 recently revealed that they’d split up. Since the July 9 announcement, the pair have engaged in a war of words on social media. Noi has said her ex isn’t being honest and isn’t the guy he appeared to be on TV. Steve admits he’s “far from perfect” but says his former wife’s comments are leading to “inaccuracies and misconceptions.”

Steve and Noi from ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 14 announced their breakup

MAFS fans first learned of Steve and Noi’s breakup via Instagram. Noi shared a photo of herself sitting on a surfboard in a bikini with the caption “divorce feels good.” 

After Noi posted about the end of her marriage, Steve responded with a lengthy Instagram post of his own. He wrote that he was not prepared for her to share the news that their marriage was over. He went on to say that while he knew their relationship wasn’t perfect, he’d held out hope for some time that they’d be able to work through their differences. However, he ultimately concluded that they were incompatible. 

Noi says Steve asked for the divorce and she ‘begged’ him to stay

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Noi limited comments on her divorce post. But she soon popped up in the comments of her ex’s Instagram update, where she said that Steve was the one who wanted to end the marriage. 

“You asked for the divorce,” she wrote. “I BEGGED you to stay and you said – you don’t owe me anything.”

Noi went on to accuse Steve of not caring about her beloved dog Sushi, who she said is dying of cancer. She also claimed he’d told her she was “not allowed” to talk about their breakup even though Steve had already started dating other people. 

“You are not heartbroken so stop acting like this for everyone else,” she wrote. 

In another comment, Noi suggested that the real Steve was different from the one Married at First Sight viewers got to know. 

“Steve is not the husband you see on TV,” she wrote, adding that he never wanted her to move in with him. And in a now-deleted reply to a comment on her own Instagram (which was later shared by the MAFSfan Instagram account), she claimed Steve had no money, had claimed $0 in income on his tax return, and had no plans to return to work. Noi’s concerns about her husband’s financial stability were an ongoing issue during their brief marriage.

Steve fires back after Noi’s charged comments 

While Noi worried about her husband’s ability to provide financially during their time on Married at First Sight, he was concerned about her tendency to share details about their relationship on social media. His own response to Noi’s comments about their breakup hinted he was frustrated she’d chosen to publicly air their dirty laundry. 

“Noi, I understand you are hurt by all of this,” he wrote in his Instagram Story on July 12. “We both are. The problem is in the way it’s being handled. When you say these things as a way to respond to the pain you feel, you end up further hurting me, yourself, our family and friends, as well as everyone who watched and became invested in our story.”

Steve specifically refuted several of Noi’s allegations. He claimed that at one point, Noi and he both agreed their relationship wasn’t working. However, she later had second thoughts. He said he’d never tried to “silence” his wife and that he’d always claimed income on his tax returns. In addition, he said he loved Sushi and had checked in on the health of Noi’s dog multiple times. 

In another comment on her own Instagram, Noi did seem to agree with Steve on at least one point: The relationship had run its course. 

“It’s unfortunate and not what I wanted,” she wrote in response to a follower who said they wished she and Steve were still together. “[B]ut it is the best for the both of us,” 

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