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‘Married at First Sight’: Olajuwon Questions Whether Katina Works Due to Her ‘Lack’ of Cooking and Cleaning

Olajuwon and Katina of Season 14 of 'Married at First Sight' draw a lot of viewer reactions on social media. Viewers believe Katina deserves better than Olajuwon's constant complaining about her lack of cooking and cleaning.

Unlike ever before, Season 14 of Married at First Sight has fans rooting for several unions to end. One pairing that fans are hoping does not make it past Decision Day is Olajuwon and Katina, what seemed to be a good pairing due to their outgoing personalities has turned into a nightmare from a viewer standpoint. Viewers believe Olajuwon is abusive in his words and demeaning to his wife, preferring she tend more to domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. But Olajuwon is not making any apologies for what he wants.

Katina and Olajuwon smile at one another on 'MAFS'
Katina and Olajuwon of Season 14 of ‘Married at First Sight’

Olajuwon complains about Katina’s lack of domestic skills

The Boston couple have been having trouble due to Olajuwon’s frustration with Katina not cooking and cleaning to his standard. Katina made it clear at first sight that cooking is not her best attribute and that she runs a food blog of the best dining out experiences in her city. But Olajuwon promised patience and that it was something they would work on it together.

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Apparently, Katina isn’t learning Olajuwon’s preferences quick enough. Over the past few episodes, he’s grown more vocal about his dissatisfaction with her. In Ep. 10, he arranged a cooking class for the two of them to participate in together. While chopping down on coconut shrimp and salmon, Olajuwon took it as an opportunity to boast about how good and seasoned the food was compared to the meals Katina has cooked for him.

The conversation quickly turned to him berating her about how he perceives his shortcomings and questioned how that relates to how he views her as a woman. “I need to see where you are as a woman,” he told Katina. “If you don’t want to cook, what are you going to do? Are you going to clean?! I can’t settle with somebody if I think they don’t have a base of being an adult because they don’t have enough life experience, and that’s the disconnection that I’m having with you,” he added. “That’s how I truly feel.”

He explained the method to his madness during the ‘MAFS After Show’

Viewers have blasted Olajuwon for his cave-man like views on marriage. They’ve also accused him of being emotionally and verbally abusive toward Katina. In a recent appearance on the MAFS After Show, not only was Olajuwon unapologetic about his behavior toward his wife, but he also doubled down on his behavior and offered up an explanation.

According to Olajuwon, his work schedule calls for him to want a certain level of pampering. “No, what you don’t see on camera is that I work at night,” he said. “So when I come home during the morning and the house is messed up as it was, it’s frustrating.”

He says Katina’s schedule allows her to be more flexible when it comes to cooking and cleaning. “You work at home but I don’t see no work being done. You say things and I don’t see it being done. I question is this even real? Do you have a job,” he added before correcting himself. “She does have a job. Yeah, I could’ve absolutely handled that a lot better.”

Dr. Viviana gives Olajuwon a reality check

One person who was not here for Olajuwon’s treatment and constant complaints about her is Dr. Viviana. As the intimacy and sex therapist/expert on the show, she tried to explain to Olajuwon how his demanor is affecting getting close to his wife. It was a difficult task. For starters, Dr. Viviana couldn’t understand why Olajuwon is so hellbent on having Katina cook and clean all day.

“Did you not eat before you were married?” Dr. Viviana asked. He responded: “I talk to her about laziness…It’s just really —” Dr. Viviana interrupted and asked, “You think she’s lazy?” According to Olajuwon, Katina does exhibit behaviors he feels are lazy. “When it comes to our marriage, just caring for the other person, the effort isn’t there,” he responded.

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Dr. Vivianna then took the time to explain to him how he has a warped view on the roles of a husband and wife. “I feel like somebody taught you something that’s going to make you divorced several times,” she told him. “If it’s hinging on cooking and cleaning, it’s too flimsy of an argument. You’re not going to make it—with anybody.”

With that in mind, Dr. Viviana warned Olajuwon that he’s setting himself up for failure. “It almost sounds like you have this idea of what marriage looks like. You have this idea of what a husband looks like, what a wife looks like,” she said. “And unless she looks 100 percent like that off the bat, you’re gonna talk down to her. You’re gonna say she’s not grown. You’re gonna say she’s lazy. That’s what it’s coming across as.”