‘Married at First Sight’: Olivia Says Brett Checking Himself Out in the Mirror Turned Her Off

Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey seemed to hit it off at first on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11.

But their relationship quickly soured as they realized they didn’t share many values or goals for the future. What’s more, Brett felt rejected due to Olivia’s lack of affection toward him, while Olivia was often frustrated by Brett’s sarcastic, cutting remarks.

Brett decided to move out of the apartment he shared with his wife after the COVID-19 crisis began. On Decision Day, there wasn’t much for Olivia and Brett to decide – the marriage was already very much much over.

But on the October 29 Married at First Sight season 11 reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, Brett and Olivia dissected what had really gone wrong in their marriage. Needless to say, they had very different ideas about their respective missteps.

Olivia Cornu
Olivia Cornu | Kinetic Content

Brett and Olivia agreed that their relationship was ‘surface-level’

Olivia told Frazier on the Married at First Sight reunion special that her marriage to Brett solidified her sense of self-worth, as well as her goals for a future relationship. She realized that she wanted to marry someone who didn’t want children and who was “into her for her.”

Hearkening back to her ongoing fears that Brett came on the show for the wrong reasons, Olivia told Frazier, “I learned what I truly, really will stand for and won’t stand for…I still, sitting here, have no idea who Brett is or what makes Brett tick. It was all very surface-level.”

Brett actually agreed with that assessment, saying that neither of them had an incentive to work on things due to their “lack of chemistry and compatibility.” In his words, they just “didn’t click” on any significant level. As a result, their relationship never really got off the ground.

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Olivia said she knew sex with Brett was ‘never gonna happen’

As for sex with Brett – a common area of complaint for him, as he often lamented that his wife seemed cold and guarded – Olivia told Frazier she “could tell it was never gonna happen” early on.

Detailing some of her turn-offs when it came to Brett, the Married at First Sight star said, “There were moments when I would look at Brett and go, ‘Oh, he’s really nice. He’s good-looking.’ But then I would catch him checking himself out in the mirror five times or doing something really sarcastic or kind of in his a**hole ways, and it would just turn me off.”

Olivia went on to explain that she never felt Brett took anything seriously, including his marriage. That left her feeling less than enthused about any potential physical intimacy.

Brett, too, said he was turned off by his wife eventually, despite his initial physical attraction to her. According to him, it was Olivia’s “inflexibility” and “judgmental nature” that killed his attraction.

“It felt like you wanted somebody that was just gonna slide into your routine and be there like an accessory,” Brett said to Olivia, adding that he often felt she was just “collecting a husband as a thing to have.”

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The couple disagreed about their portrayals on the show

Yet another area in which Olivia and Brett disagreed involved their portrayals on the show.

Brett didn’t think any of the castmates were portrayed accurately, including him, due to editing. Without the missing context, he told Frazier, no one could truly get a full picture of any of the cast members’ personalities.

Meanwhile, Olivia pointed out that Married at First Sight producers warned them early on, “If you act like an a**hole, you’re gonna look like an a**hole on camera.” As far as she was concerned, Brett shouldn’t have acted the way he did if he didn’t want to be portrayed in that light.