‘Married at First Sight’: Pastor Calvin Isn’t ‘a Big Fan of This Marriage Staying Together’

The experts on Married at First Sight are usually rooting for the marriages to work. But Pastor Calvin Roberson revealed that he’s already not supporting one of the season 12 couples to stay together.

Chris Williams got another woman pregnant on ‘Married at First Sight’

Pastor Calvin Roberson on 'Married at First Sight'
Pastor Calvin Roberson on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Kinetic Content

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Season 12 showed Chris Williams II being matched with Paige Banks to get married. They did but the red flags already popped up before their wedding day. Chris revealed he ended an engagement with someone else months before the wedding. When they met on their wedding day, he claimed he wasn’t attracted to Paige.

Their honeymoon was a rough one. Chris found out his ex-fiancée is pregnant with their child. He claimed he still wanted to make his relationship work with Paige.

But Chris also butted heads with the other cast members, when they showed concern for Paige. After the honeymoon, Chris claimed he wanted to get back with his ex-fiancée because he was still in love with her. “How Do You Know If You’re in Love?” showed the couples finally sitting down with Pastor Cal to get advice.

Pastor Cal isn’t a fan of Chris and Paige Banks staying together

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Pastor Cal got to check in with Chris and Paige, and he was shocked. Paige sat with him alone to catch him up on what happened.

Pastor Cal asked if they continued to have sex during this period. She said they had unprotected sex almost every day. She then revealed she had her period so she knows she’s not pregnant.

“That’s done,” Pastor Cal told her and she agreed. Chris then joined them for a conversation. Pastor Cal and Paige accused Chris of dragging her along.

“You told her that you’re in love with your ex. And then you told her you wanted to make it work. And then you said that you didn’t want to make it work,” Pastor Cal said. Chris still disagreed that he “dragged” her.

“This woman has not felt admired, desired except for sex which I don’t understand. Why is there sex if you don’t have an attraction?” Pastor Cal asked. Chris refused to answer out of fear of being “disrespectful”.

“After meeting with Chris and Paige, I am not a big fan of this marriage staying together,” Pastor Cal said in his interview. “I normally will fight tooth and nail for a marriage. Not this one,” he said. 

Chris and Paige might not be over on ‘Married at First Sight’

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Some fans would think this would be the end of the marriage since Chris is asking for a divorce. But it looks like we’ll see more of Chris and Paige this season.

When Pastor Cal left the meeting, Chris whispered something into Paige’s ear. Paige said in her interview that Chris told her that he’s scared of falling in love with her. She seemed happy about this.

A teaser for the next episode shows Chris asking Paige to meet with his ex-fiancée and she does. There is a good chance that’ll be awkward so there is probably more drama to come.