‘Married at First Sight’ Reunion: Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus Make a Big Announcement and Ryan Finally Says 3 Big Words

Married at First Sight first premiered in 2014. Over the reality TV show’s past 12 seasons — the 12th season recently wrapped in the spring of 2021 — men and women are matched together by the show’s production team, get married, then forced to make a choice to stay married or get divorced during the season’s so-called “decision day.”

27-year-old Clara Berghaus was a flight attendant who got married to 29-year-old Ryan Oubre, a project manager, on season 12. Their journey as a couple was fraught with tension, and the couple revealed some big news when the Lifetime TV network brought the cast together for a season 12 reunion special.

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The ‘Married at First Sight’ couple announced during the reunion that they were getting remarried

At the end of every season of Married at First Sight, Lifetime reunites all the couples to learn where they are in life, whether they’re still together, and what has developed in their unconventional relationships since they were last filmed. And there was good news at the reunion for audiences who were cheering for Berghaus and Oubre.

“As for Clara and Ryan, they are also still married,” reports TV Insider. The couple mentioned that they had moved in together and chose to live at Oubre’s home. The reprieve from being followed by the Lifetime TV crew was also good for their relationship. “Without the scrutiny of the cameras in their lives, Clara and Ryan are enjoying marriage and she reveals they’re even planning to get remarried,” adds the outlet.

“We really wanted to celebrate with everyone as many of our friends and family members as possible,” said Berghaus at the reunion, explaining why they want to do their wedding ceremony again. “And we want to have a party and just let everyone know that we’re having a good time.”

Oubre refused to say ‘I love you’ during the show, but changed his mind at the ‘Married at First Sight’ reunion

During the show’s initial taping, Berghaus wanted Oubre to tell her he loved her, but he refused to say it. “Clara was a little patient with you, but she put a timetable on you,” said host Kevin Frazier at the Married at First Sight reunion. “We’re past six months. Have you said it yet?”

Ryan answered that he hadn’t told his wife he loved her yet. Frazier pressed the reality TV star further, noting that if they were going to get married again, it seemed strange that he still wouldn’t say “I love you.” “Are you going to say it at the vow renewal?,” asked Frazier. “What is the holdup?”

After considerable back and forth, Oubre stunned the reunion episode’s audiences by turning to Berghaus and finally stating what she’d always wanted to hear. “You love me?” asked Berghaus. “Mhmm,” replied Oubre. “I love you.” 

Berghaus and Oubre’s relationship troubles were followed in detail during season 12

During the filming of the most recent season of Married at First Sight, Berghaus told the cameras that her marriage to Oubre was “a 10 out of 10,” reports Reality TV World. Despite this, the couple had many on-screen difficulties throughout season 12. “She was feeling very sexually frustrated and a bit rejected given Ryan was still not open to the idea of being intimate one month into their marriage,” recaps the outlet.

The site points out that Berghaus “gushed” that this was the “best relationship [she’d] ever had,” but that she simultaneously “expressed concern over how Ryan had never said ‘I love you’ to a woman before and admitted she wanted to have sex with her husband, who had been very reserved in past relationships.” Despite these problems, the couple is still going strong.

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