‘Married at First Sight: Season 11 Favorites Amelia and Bennett Have Reportedly Split

Bennett and Amelia stole the hearts of Married at First Sight viewers during Season 11 in New Orleans. Many believe the experts perfectly matched the quirky pair and have rooted for them since their unconventional wedding day. They both shared non-traditional values, including Amelia preferring to work and have her husband as a stay-at-home dad. Bennett, a theater junkie, had no trouble adapting to the lifestyle. But it appears even a match made in heaven can turn to hell.

Bennett and Amelia's wedding portrait from 'Married at First Sight' Season 11
‘Married at First Sight’ Bennett and Amelia | Mike Lirette Photography

Multiple media sources are alleging Ameila and Bennett have split

According to a report from Reality World, a MAFS Instagram fan account is claiming that several friends of the reality TV couple sent them exclusive information about Bennett and Ameilia’s breakup. 

One alleged friend sent the account a direct message writing, “BenMelia is no more. In his words ‘she unexpectedly and inexplicably dumped me.'” An administrator of the account claims they spoke with one of Bennett’s friends who confirms the two are over. 

Source: YouTube

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Another source alleges that they saw the once happy husband out with another woman, noting, “[I] can confirm that I saw [Bennett] make out with a woman who was not Amelia!” The same source adds that it’s possible the couple can be in an open relationship, going through a tough patch, or are still legally married but not “together.”

One Instagram user adds that Amelia recently went on a date with his or her friend. “We were all very confused when [Amelia’s new date] told us about [Amelia] because we were like — ummm she’s married,” the user wrote.

Speculation is running wild about what could have potentially caused the breakup. The report notes that a Reddit user alleges distance due to the coronavirus pandemic and communication issues played a part.

Several couples from the ‘Married at First’ franchise have also called it quits recently

If the reports are true, Amelia and Bennett aren’t the only ones to go their separate ways from the controversial dating experiment. Only one couple from season 13 remains together. 

Clara and Ryan announced their split just days after the reunion special aired and the former couple shared plans to renew their vows. Prior to Clara and Ryan’s announcement, divorce documents from Erik Lake and Virginia revealed Erik filed for divorce in June 2021 amid filming for the Couple’s Cam special.

Source: YouTube

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Ryan and Clara’s intimacy issues were a major storyline during their season. Clara grew frustrated with the lack of intercourse and Ryan admitted to never telling a woman he loved her. He did however say the magical words to Clara during the reunion special.

Erik and Virginia struggled with differing lifestyles. Virginia, who is several years younger than Erik, enjoyed a busy social life. Erik preferred a woman to be home more, party less, and showed signs of controlling behavior in terms of who Virginia spent her time with.

From Bennett and Amelia’s season, fan favorites Woody and Amani – and Miles and Karen – remain a couple and currently appears on the Couple’s Cam episodes. 

Season 13 of MAFS is currently airing on Lifetime and documenting five couples selected out of Houston, Texas.