‘Married at First Sight’: Some Fans Call Henry ‘Classless’ While Others Defend His Actions

Married at First Sight couple Christina and Henry had a rocky relationship throughout the series. The two seemed to share almost no chemistry — conversations were like pulling teeth on Christina’s end, as Henry tended to be much more bottled up. Eventually, the two started feeling as if the other weren’t being completely honest, and Christina even wound up claiming Henry was cheating on her with a man. During decision day, Henry let it all out, and some fans are feeling he did Christina dirty. 

No chemistry for the ‘Married at First Sight’ couple

Christina and Henry had very different approaches to life, and that was obvious to Married at First Sight fans from day one. After the two were married, they spent an uncomfortable night together barely talking. Suffice it to say, there were plenty of awkward silences. 

This continued to be an issue for the couple. Henry remained quiet and reserved, while Christina pushed for him to open up. At one point, things got so bad that Christina asked producers if she could have a list of questions aimed at getting Henry to talk. 

“Is there a list of questions that I can just have so we can go back and forth, because…it’s too difficult right now,” she asked during what was meant to be a romantic dinner well into their marriage. 

“I always have to be the bad guy, I always have to be the initiator, I always have to like, be the one, cause you’re just giving me nothing. What do I, what…I don’t…do you have something?” she added.

Henry and Christina dish on decision day

Henry Rodriguez of Married at First Sight
Henry Rodriguez of Married at First Sight | Kinetic Content

Unfortunately, things got worse for the Married at First Sight couple. The two wound up deciding to call it quits on decision day, and Henry decided to call out Christina on her behavior during their marriage. 

Henry pointed out that he felt as if Christina was often lying to him about her whereabouts and activities, citing a time when she went out for the night to “help a friend move furniture” and then never came home. 

He also mentioned Christina’s claim that she received a text message from a male friend that suggested Henry was gay and cheating on her with another man. 

“And so eventually she told me that a quote unquote reliable source texted her, a male, that he and I were, um, he and I were allegedly sleeping together. And that I was gay. I told her that it was absolutely not the case,” Henry told producers during a prior episode.

Some fans feel Henry was being classless

Henry and Christina star in Season 11 of Married At First Sight
Henry and Christina star in Season 11 of Married At First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Throws Major Shade at Christina During Couples Game

Some fans felt as if Henry went too far on bashing Christina during the decision day episode, and that he could have simply called it quits without going full bore. 

On a post they entitled “It was classless of Henry,” one Redditor wrote, “I think I just lost brain cells listening to Henry tattle on Christina.”

Another user replied saying that this isn’t much of a surprise given Henry’s behavior throughout the season.

“I told y’all on here HENRY Likes Gossip and he is a Chatty Chad. He has no tact and he is 35 my god. Kristin and Trishelle are his friends for a reason,” they wrote.

“I agree. I understand his frustration, but he def wasn’t innocent in the marriage not working. He went IN and it didn’t seem like he knew when to stop,” added another user. 

However, some fans felt as if Henry was simply trying to defend himself after Christina held the claims about his sexuality over his head.

“When you make up lies about someone’s sexuality then try to lowkey blackmail them, this is what happens,” pointed out a fan.