‘Married at First Sight’: Some Fans Think Olivia and Christina Should Swap Husbands

Season 11 of Married at First Sight is already seeing some very successful couples. Many fans suspect that Bennett and Amelia as well as Woody and Amani are going to make it work. However, there are also two couples that fans feel aren’t a good match — Olivia and Brett, and Christina and Henry. In fact, some fans have gone so far as to suggest that perhaps Olivia and Henry should be matched, and Christina and Brett would make a good pair. 

Fans think Henry and Christina are a bad match

Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight
Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

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Fans aren’t so sure about the Married at First Sight matchmakers’ choice when it comes to Henry and Christina. In fact, many fans seem to think the two are a bad match. Largely, they seem to believe the two have diametrically opposed personalities, with Christina being outgoing and Henry reserved and shy. 

This was most evident when the two spent time together in their room — there was very little conversation, and plenty of awkward silences. 

“Maybe not the best idea to get married … at first sight … on national TV when you’ve clearly never had a relationship and can hardly talk, let alone participate in or carry a conversation. I feel bad for Christina,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“His one-word answers are super annoying. Way to shut down a good time,” added another user.

However, not every fan thinks the two are ill-suited. One Redditor suggested that perhaps the two are simply receiving a bad edit, and it might not be as dramatic a difference as fans suspect.

“I think he is getting a really bad edit to add more drama and tension to the story line. He seems more introverted but I don’t believe that they just sit there and don’t have any conversation at all. He definitely needs to try and come out of his shell and try to experience more and I hope Christina will help him do that. Kayaking and a mud bath shouldn’t be the most dangerous things an adult man does,” they wrote.

Olivia isn’t so sure about Brett

Brett and Olivia star in Season 11 of Married at First Sight
Brett and Olivia star in Season 11 of Married at First Sight | Julie Verlinden Photography
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Meanwhile, Olivia doesn’t seem so sure about Brett, and fans are largely on the same page. The biggest red flag for both Married at First Sight fans and Olivia was when Brett started talking about his prolific dating history. He’s dated 45 women since his last relationship. 

To make matters worse, he started hitting on one of Henry’s friends during the bachelor party — not a good look for someone about to get married. 

“I like that Brett chose simple black and white, but I have to admit that watching this segment was tough. It is not cool to hear about all of his past dates and canceling of dates. It makes me feel like he maybe isn’t ready to settle down,” Olivia told Us Weekly after watching her first episode.

Fans think these ‘Married at First Sight’ couples should swap

Some fans think the two Married at First Sight couples would be better off if they switched partners. 

When one Redditor made this suggestion, fans seemed split. One user suggested Henry and Olivia would be a good match due to their similar personalities. 

“Omg!! I thought the same thing on tonight’s episode too!! I didn’t realize it until all the couples were hanging out talking about intimacy and the relationship. I think Olivia would be the sweetest to Henry and he’d be less awkward with her. And Brett and Christina can be a**holes together,” wrote the fan.

“I hope that Henry is just getting a bad edit. However I was thinking at the beginning that I thought Henry and Olivia would be a better match,” added another user. 

Meanwhile, others weren’t so sure. One user suggested that Christina could help drawn Henry out. 

“Olivia, while absolutely sweet, I don’t think would be a good match for Henry, because she is also on the quiet and reserved side. I think they chose Christina for Henry to help bring him out of his shell. To complement him. Great marriages aren’t necessarily the ones where people are alike. Each partner needs to bring something different to the table and, in a way, help complete the other person,” they wrote.

“Brett and Henry shouldn’t have been matched with anyone,” suggested another fan.