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Married at First Sight couple Brett and Olivia didn’t even make it to decision day. The couple struggled with compatibility issues from the get go, struggling with aspects like financial habits, travel, children, and general attitude. Eventually, Brett called it quits on Olivia completely. The two obviously didn’t stay together on decision day, but some of what Olivia had to say left fans wondering if she feels bitter about the Married at First Sight experience. 

Brett bailed on Olivia mid-pandemic

Brett and Olivia star in Season 11 of Married At First Sight
Brett and Olivia star in Season 11 of Married At First Sight | Julie Verlinden Photography

Married at First Sight fans were a little shocked when Brett decided to end things unceremoniously with Olivia. It all started when he found out she was planning on visiting her family amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Brett was against the idea of Olivia leaving their quarantine to visit family, as he felt concerned for both of their health and safety. When he brought this up to Olivia, she suggested he was simply frightened. She left their home to go visit family regardless. 

“I still think it’s such a bad idea to be traveling any kind of long distances. We’re still, obviously, under the stay-at-home order,” Brett said during a talking head. 

“Decision day was supposed to be this week, but [coronavirus] delayed everything. It could be months before we finish, I don’t know. But I can’t keep putting my life on hold anymore, so I’m moving back into my house.”

Brett decided to bail, and on his way out he took most of the food in the house, leaving Olivia bereft of both partner and vittles. 

Olivia brought up Brett’s Tinder profile

Olivia Cornu of Married at First Sight
Olivia Cornu of Married at First Sight | Kinetic Content

Suffice it to say, Brett’s departure certainly left a bad taste in Olivia’s mouth — not to suggest there wasn’t already one there to begin with. The Married at First Sight star cast some serious aspersions on Brett during their reunion chat. 

Olivia made it clear that she felt Brett was shallow, and that they never connected on any deeper level. 

“There were moments when I would look at Brett and be like, ‘Oh, he’s really nice and good looking,’ and then I would see him checking himself out in the mirror five times or just doing something very sarcastic or kind of in his assh*le ways and it would just turn me off. It’s just like, nothing is serious,” she said. 

She went on to say that the speed with which Brett started dating again proves he wasn’t really looking for marriage. 

“He’s been dating like wildfire!” claimed Olivia. “All of my friends matched with him on Tinder and all of his dating apps. I get the screenshots every time he matches with one of them, and I’ve seen conversations he’s had with people on Tinder.”

‘Married at First Sight’ fans wonder if she’s feeling bitter

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Olivia’s anger at Brett and his behavior after the show left some fans wondering if she’s feeling particularly bitter. Some even posited she felt bitter with the entire Married at First Sight process for matching her with someone who clearly wasn’t on the same page. 

“She seemed like she wanted the experts to apologize for matching them,” suggested one Redditor

“Sure, but then why attack him personally over being on dating apps after they agreed to a divorce? Like, who cares? That felt really misdirected and I didn’t understand her argument there,” added another viewer.

“I would be bitter too if they matched me with a guy who I had nothing in common with other than liking cats,” pointed out one user on Olivia’s side.

Another user suggested that Brett wound up receiving his just desserts when it came to his behavior towards Olivia. 

“When literally every member on the show thinks you’re an assh*le, and even your friend in real life goes on camera and says that you are an assh*le, then you are probably an assh*le. I think Olivia is more bitter about the fact that Brett tries to make himself look like a good guy, and it’s complete bullsh*t,” they opined.