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Just a month after the Married at First Sight Season 14 reunion special aired, Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak have called it quits. The couple was seemingly a match made in heaven, but their communication differences and Phommasak’s unwillingness to understand Moy’s unconventional work choices caused significant difficulties. Still, the couple said yes on Decision Day, and Moy even presented Phommasak with an updated ring. They appeared to be going strong at the reunion, making plans to move in together finally, but their recent social media pages are hinting at a less than amicable split, and both are blaming the other.

Steve and Noi from 'Married at First Sight' standing under an umbrella; Noi and Steve are blaming each other for divorce
Steve and Noi from ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 14 | Lifetime

Noi Phommasak announces divorce from Steve Moi on Instagram

In a shocking post, Phommasak let the world know she and Moi are no longer together. “Divorce feels good,” she captioned a bikini shot of her on a paddle boat in the ocean. Comments on her post are disabled. The announcement comes just a month after the reunion special aired and two weeks after she and Moi were seen celebrating co-star Katina Dickerson’s birthday together. 

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For some, the signs were there. Neither has posted photos together since the show ended. In a lengthy Instagram post weeks before Phommasak’s announcement, Moi shared a snapshot of the two together to let their fans know that they would be taking a social media hiatus from sharing details of their relationship with the world as they get acclimated to no longer filming. Phommasak commented under the post with a heart emoji.

Steve Moy responds to Noi Phommasak’s Instagram divorce announcement and says he tried to make things work

As shocking as it was for fans, Moy was seemingly blindsided by the post. He alleges he hoped to work things out in a lengthy response, but her preemptive post made him realize otherwise. Moy also notes that despite their marriage not being perfect, he said yes on Decision Day because he felt they had good chemistry and could build a good foundation.

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“Over time, I’ve lost hope that this could happen, and believe we are incompatible in ways that attempts at compromise can’t seem to fix or overcome,” he wrote in part. “I am under the belief that our relationship is unsustainable in its current form, and after many attempts, I don’t believe we can get it to the point where it is functioning at a level that is healthy enough, while both of our needs are being met.”

He also seems to believe that Phommasak is more at fault for their marriage not working out, adding: “I hope that you find the support you need from the people around you and resources available to you I hope we can remain cordial, and at some point we can remain in touch, as I enjoy having you in my life when things are good.” Steve wrote, addressing his former wife directly.” 

Noi Phommasak says she blamed Steve Moy to stay married but he refused; calls him broke and lazy

Phommasak is calling BS on Moy’s post. She commented under his statement, alleging he initiated the divorce despite her pleas not to. “You asked for the divorce…I BEGGED you to stay and you said – you don’t OWE me anything,” she wrote.

She also noted that her beloved dog sushi is dying of cancer and her estranged husband left her during such a vulnerable time. Making matters worse, she also said that he has not checked on her or the dog.

“You are not heartbroken, so stop acting like this for everyone else. You made this choice before involving me in the final decision and you said I was not allowed to talk about it, even though you said you were already seeing other people,” she continued. “Just be honest about your truths, and we can both move on peacefully!”

Some fans agreed with Moy, commenting on Phommasak’s behavior on the show. BOSSIP reports that she responded in defense of herself and claims he is not the man he appears to be on camera. According to Phommasak, it was Moi who delayed moving in together. She also claims he’s broke, has no savings, and has no desire to work.