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Married at First Sight couple Chris and Paige have been frustrating to watch for many fans — Chris Williams has been tugging Paige Banks around emotionally throughout Season 12. Now, Paige Banks has made up her mind not to marry Chris Williams. However, due to Williams’ past behavior, many fans are left wondering if he’ll make the divorce a living hell for Banks — not unlike what Zach Justice did to Mindy Shiben. 

‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams jerked Paige Banks around

Married at First Sight couple Chris Williams and Paige Banks
Married at First Sight couple Chris Williams and Paige Banks | Lifetime

When it comes to emotional maturity, Chris Williams has a lot to learn. The Married at First Sight star took hopeful wife Paige Banks on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, dumping anything and everything on her while offering very little in return. 

Fans were shocked when Williams slept with Banks on the first night of their marriage together, and proceeded to tell her the next day that she wasn’t attractive. What’s more, he had been engaged only three months prior to appearing on Married at First Sight

He complicated matters by admitting to Banks that his ex was pregnant, later telling her that he wanted to raise the baby and maybe get back with his ex, who he still loved. 

Finally, with Paige Banks already confused, he appeared on the finale to announce that his ex had a miscarriage. He went on to tell Banks that she was the  “best thing I never cherished” and that she was everything he wanted in a partner.

Paige seemed unsure about what to do with her Married at First Sight relationship, leaving viewers and experts alike exasperated. Finally, after some chatting off-stage, Banks decided she’d rather not be married to Williams. 

Zach Justice delayed divorce with Mindy Shiben

Married at First Sight couple Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice
Married at First Sight couple Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice | Lifetime

Many Married at First Sight fans have equated Chris Williams to other disaster husbands, including Zach Justice from Season 10. Justice, who is infamous for striking up a relationship with one of Mindy Shiben’s friends, made divorce a very challenging process for Shiben. 

In fact, Justice apparently slowed down and dragged out the process so much that Shiben wound up calling him out on Instagram.  

“Hey [Zach Justice]! Will you divorce me? Yes? No? Circle one. #thisgirwantsadivorce #checkyourtexts #crickets,” Shiben captioned a photo of her wedding day with Zach Justice. 

Zach Justice sent Shiben a snarky reply on Instagram, claiming that she’s on her social media while drunk.

Justice wrote back, “Lol you’ve been trying? With what attorney and what papers? Please, don’t lie to these people for attention, it’s gross. I’m sure you and Kinetic Content will be in the loop.” He added the hashtags “stayclassy” and “dontdrinkandgram.”

‘Married at First Sight’ fans wonder if Chris Williams will do the same

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams
Married at First Sight star Chris Williams | Lifetime/YouTube

‘Married at First Sight’: Did Chris Williams Hook Up With His Ex During Casting Process?

Now, Married at First Sight fans are wondering if Chris Williams will give Paige Banks the Zach Justice treatment. Some feel as if he’ll draw it out, but others think that he’ll be done as soon as the cameras are gone. 

“Gonna have a Matt/amber Zach/mindy situation,” wrote one Redditor. Another added that given Paige Banks’ previous behavior, she’ll see it as another chance to get back together with Williams. 

“Definitely. And she might think that’s a sign to try to make it work again,” they replied.

“Nah, once the cameras are gone so is his interest in Paige. He will move on and find a more vulnerable victim to abuse,” suggested another user.

“He’ll keep her on the back burner whenever he’s single or wants to cheat on [his] partner. She’ll settle for being his last choice every time because ‘God wouldn’t keep her in his life if it wasn’t his plan,’” added another Married at First Sight fan.