‘Married at First Sight’: Woody and Amani Gush About Their ‘Unconditional’ Love For Each Other on Decision Day

Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya have always wowed fans of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11 with their profound capacity for love, communication, and mutual understanding. Seeing their love story unfold has been a heartwarming experience for many viewers.

And on Decision Day – which aired on Lifetime on October 28 – Amani and Woody even made the experts break down in tears. The obvious depth of their bond as they proclaimed their feelings for one another had everyone in the room in awe.

Woody Randall
Woody Randall | Kinetic Content

Amani and Woody raved about each other in advance of Decision Day

Before sitting down with the Married at First Sight experts to reveal their final choices, Woody and Amani told Lifetime producers everything they appreciated each other.

Amani, 29, said 30-year-old Woody “lights up any room he walks in.” It was that outgoing, generous spirit that originally drew her to him.

“He doesn’t just like a party. He is the party,” Amani gushed about her husband. “He never stops dancing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She also shared that she adored Woody’s honesty – she never had to wonder what he was thinking. Still, Woody was willing to compromise and talk things out with his wife.

As for Woody, he raved about Amani’s beauty and sense of grace, saying she was gorgeous and sweet with a great sense of style. The Married at First Sight star admired the fact that his wife wasn’t judgmental and was slow to get into an argument. Instead, she stayed calm and collected even when she was upset. Woody said confidently that he wanted Amani to be the mother of his children.

“Amani is my soulmate,” Woody declared.

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Each spouse said the other had changed them for the better

After sitting down on the couch to reveal their final decisions about their marriage, Amani and Woody each shared how love had altered their lives in profound ways. Dr. Pepper Schwartz said she thought love could change people – and the couple agreed that they had, in fact, changed.

“When I looked at love, I always wanted to be married,” Woody said of the unexpected ferocity of his love for Amani. “I wanted to have the happiness. But honestly speaking, I didn’t think that I would genuinely get it. But being married to Amani, it’s like, everything that I didn’t expect, I now have.”

The Married at First Sight star broke down in tears as he shared how Amani had forever changed his life. When love hit him like a ton of bricks, there was no going back.

“It’s different, you know?” Woody said through his tears. “Especially when you don’t think that that’s coming. When you don’t hope for it, you don’t wish for it – it’s different.”

Amani, too, shared how love had changed her life. She explained that Woody had opened her eyes to new experiences and given her a new perspective on the world.

“I feel like I can do anything now. For real,” Amani said of the confidence and power Woody’s love had inspired in her.

Most importantly, however, the Married at First Sight star had learned about finding boundless, eternal love. She’d previously believed unconditional love was only for family members – but now she knew it could happen in a marriage, too.

“I think what I’ve learned about love is that it really can be unconditional,” she said. “It’s easy to say, ‘I love you unconditionally.’ But I actually know that to be true now. Your family, of course you love them unconditionally, but I never imagined I would get there with my spouse, especially as quickly as I got there with you.”

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The couple gave their marriage a resounding ‘yes’

Next, the Married at First Sight experts asked Amani and Woody to make things official and reveal their decisions about their marriage.

Woody went first. After telling Amani he would be “heartbroken” without her in his life, he proclaimed that he wanted to stay married – without a doubt.

But Amani had a bit of a prank up her sleeve.

“Woody, I would like to get a divorce,” she said at first, drawing shocked looks from the experts and a stone-faced Woody.

“Just kidding!” Amani quickly shared, prompting her husband to crack up in response before she said that she, of course, also wanted to stay married to him.

Woody told Lifetime producers that this might be Decision Day for the show, but it wasn’t a destination for his marriage. Instead, this was only the “beginning of their love story.”

Reflecting on the safety, security, and consistency that Amani had introduced into his life, Woody said he felt like their partnership was fated.

“It’s new, but it feels old,” the overjoyed Married at First Sight star said. “But that’s the beauty of it all. It’s like old love just coming back.”