‘Married at First Sight’: Woody and Amani Rave About Each Other On Instagram, Say Their Marriage Is ‘Forever’

Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya Randall have easily become one of the most beloved couples in Married at First Sight history. Throughout Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11, their commitment to each other – as well as Woody’s intense declarations of passion for his wife and Amani’s nonjudgmental openness – has inspired viewers.

After this season of Married at First Sight wrapped, Amani and Woody both made their Instagram accounts public. It’s clear that the pair is still going strong, and both spouses took the opportunity to gush about each other on social media.

Woody Randall
Woody Randall | Kinetic Content

Woody reflected on his ‘crazy adventure’ with his wife on social media

After Woody opened up his Instagram (@mrabove) to the public, it became clear that he wanted to remember every step of his journey on the way to finding true love with Amani. The 30-year-old administrator, teacher, and coach documented each milestone on his Married at First Sight journey, from his wedding and honeymoon to anniversaries and Decision Day.

On his wife’s 30th birthday (September 14), Woody reflected on the leap of faith they’d both taken in order to find love.

“We signed up to go on a crazy adventure together and for that we are forever connected!” he sweetly captioned a photo of Amani. “Hopefully we have countless amounts of birthdays to spend and share it.”

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The Randall Way.

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Amani said her marriage was a ‘forever thing’

Amani also celebrated her journey to “soulmate status” with Woody every step of the way.

Under her Instagram photo from the couple’s fateful (and memorable) Decision Day, the Married at First Sight star (@_easyaa) looked back on the highs and lows of her road to lasting love. Although she took a risk and married a stranger, Amani made it known that she took the process seriously and made the time to contemplate her choice with care.

“Marriage is serious business,” Amani wrote thoughtfully. “I took this experiment seriously and put my effort to the test. I prayed continuously for discernment and openness in my heart to make sure that my judgements were made with intention. We made our final decisions in the same place we took our vows!”

Woody’s wife also made her intentions for the future – and her rock-solid commitment to her marriage for the long haul – crystal-clear in one caption of a Decision Day snapshot. She wrote simply (and meaningfully), “The Randall Way is a forever thing.”

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The couple recently launched a YouTube channel

It’s long been rumored that Amani and Woody are set to become the next Married at First Sight fan-favorite couple.

Some fans hope they’ll appear on spinoffs like Married at First Sight: Couples Cam or Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, while others hope they’ll continue to update fans on reunion specials like the Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? episode earlier in 2020. Others have even suggested that Woody and Amani’s love story is so compelling, it could make for a spinoff of their very own.

And it looks like the couple is only too eager to continue to share their fairytale with fans. Woody and Amani recently started their own YouTube channel. They just posted their first video, “Getting Ready the Randall Way” – of themselves dancing and having fun while they got ready to go out for the night – on October 29. What’s more, they got over 4,000 subscribers in less than two days – so it looks like Married at First Sight fans are excited to watch their story continue to unfold.