‘Married at Fist Sight’: Katina Reveals Why Cooking is So Important to Olajuwon

Married at First Sight viewers are praying that Katina says no to Olajuwon on Decision Day. Olajuwon’s expectations of his wife are considered dated due to his strong emphasis on her being solely responsible for cooking and cleaning. Katina has appeared to be patient with Olajuwon and goes the extra mile to meet his needs, despite him never seeming satisfied. In a recent interview, Katina explained that Olajuwon has a practical reason why he wants her to focus on the domestic duties of their home. 

Katina wearing a purple top in 'Married at First Sight'
Katina from ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lifetime via YouTube

Olajuwon has complained about Katina’s domestic skills

The biggest issue Olajuwon has with Katina is that she doesn’t cook often enough and to his standard. Katina made it clear at the altar that cooking is not a strong suit. But Olajuwon promised patience and that it was something they would work on together. He also didn’t tell the experts who matched them that Katina not being able to cook would be a deal breaker.

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In Ep. 10, he arranged a cooking class for the two of them to participate in together. While dining on the food they both prepared, Olajuwon took it as an opportunity to beat down Katina’s lack of ability to cook food to his liking. 

He then turned the conversation to questioning Katina’s attributes as a woman. “I need to see where you are as a woman,” he told his wife. “If you don’t want to cook, what are you going to do? Are you going to clean?! I can’t settle with somebody if I think they don’t have a base of being an adult because they don’t have enough life experience, and that’s the disconnect that I’m having with you,” he added. “That’s how I truly feel.”

Katina says Olajuwon prefers for her to care for their home while he provides financially

The Boston couple were able to get past the cooking class debacle. But fans of the show view Olajuwon’s complaints and verbal lashings toward Katina as unfair and disrespectful. In a recent interview with BOSSIP, Katina was asked whether or not Olajuwon explained why he is so insistent on having hot meals prepared by her on the daily.

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“From different discussions that we had off-camera he stated that he wanted a woman who would take care of home duties because he wanted to be the main provider when it came to finances,” she said. “For example, if there was a mortgage or rent to be paid he would handle those types of expenses. In my opinion acts of service seemed to be his love language. Olajuwon makes a great breakfast! Hopefully, we’ll see about dinner…” she joked.

It’s unclear what either of them does for a living, but in one episode of the After Show, Olajuwon also explained that he works overnights and it’s more difficult for him to tend to home. He says it’s better for Katina to handle such things because she works remotely. 

One of the experts says Olajuwon has a warped view of what a wife does

Viewers aren’t the only ones who have grown tired of Olajuwon’s attitude about Katina. Dr. Viviana told him during one session that he has distorted views of a wife’s role. As the intimacy and sex therapist/expert on the show, she tried to explain to Olajuwon that he is blocking any potential progress they can be making due to his cavemen viewpoints.

“Did you not eat before you were married?” Dr. Viviana asked. He responded: “I talk to her about laziness…It’s just really —” Dr. Viviana interrupted and asked, “You think she’s lazy?” According to Olajuwon, Katina does exhibit behaviors he feels are lazy. “When it comes to our marriage, just caring for the other person, the effort isn’t there,” he shot back.

According to Dr. Viviana, Olajuwon is setting himself up for failure. “It almost sounds like you have this idea of what marriage looks like. You have this idea of what a husband looks like, what a wife looks like,” she told him. “And unless she looks 100 percent like that off the bat, you’re gonna talk down to her. You’re gonna say she’s not grown. You’re gonna say she’s lazy. That’s what it’s coming across as.”

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