‘Marrying Millions’ Cast Update: Where Things Stand With Drew and Rosie, Sean and Megan, and Katie and Kolton

It turns out that falling in love with a millionaire doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. On Lifetime’s Marrying Millions, viewers watched as people navigating relationships where one person was wealthy and the other was not. While some found happiness, others struggled to overcome their differences. 

We recently let you know what’s going on with three of season 1’s couples: Gentille and Brian, Bill and Brianna, and Shawn and Kate. Now, let’s check in with the rest of the cast. Lifetime shared an update with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on where things stand with Drew and Rosie, Sean and Megan, and Katie and Kolton

Drew and Rosie 

Marrying Millions viewers immediately suspected something was up with businessman Drew and his girlfriend Rosie, a recent college grad. And they were right. Though the couple played coy at first, they eventually admitted they’d met on a sugar daddy website. But despite an unconventional start to their relationship, the two were very much in love — though her parents definitely did not approve. At the end of the season, they got married in Costa Rica. 

Today, they’re still together, Rosie reports. “We’re doing alright considering the global conditions,” she shared. “We are staying healthy. We are still together, and my family is still weird. [I’m living] with Drew [and I’m] pretty sure my dad just tells himself I’m away at camp.”

Sean and Megan 

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Longtime couple Sean and Megan had been together for years and had a child together, making them one of the more solid Marrying Millions pairs. But Sean’s wealthy father still suspected his prospective daughter-in-law was after his son’s fortune. He urged the couple to sign a prenup before walking down the aisle, which they resisted. He even threatened to skip the wedding. But Sean and Megan got married despite his objections, and his dad ended up attending the ceremony after all. (You can check out their wedding album here.) 

Sean reports that things are going well for the couple. They plan to travel to India for business later in 2020 and recently remodeled their Hollywood Hills home. They’re also buying another home in Malibu that they plan to totally gut and remodel. And they’re doing their best to stay entertained during the coronavirus lockdown. 

“I’m eating some grapes with a nice bottle of Petrus,” Sean shared. “In case the world ends, I want to drink some of my best wines. LOL. I’ve ordered a 100-inch TV to get us through this time since we can’t go to the movies. Planning on doing a world tour of the best locations on earth when this is over. Megan, of course, is helping everything move forward, and I couldn’t do any of it without her.”

Katie and Kolton

Single mom Katie — who was once married to MLB star Josh Hamilton — found love with Kolton, a 23-year-old aspiring rapper. The only hitch? They met through friends of her eldest daughter, which made things a bit awkward, to say the least. Despite some challenges, the pair seemed committed to making things work at the end of season 1. But it didn’t last. 

“After the season ended, Katie told me ‘the age and wealth gap is a huge thing for me. I’m done’ which absolutely blindsided me,” Kolton shared. “She has blocked all communication from me. I realized after some time that my morals and values didn’t align with hers. My music is flourishing more than I could have ever imagined, and I am appreciative of everyone who supports me!”

As for Katie, she’s staying busy working as a full-time teacher, working on a book, and hosting a new podcast, When Life Throws You a Curse and How to Make the Adjustment. She confirmed that she hasn’t spoken to Kolton in months. 

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