‘Marrying Millions’ Cast Update: Where Things Stand With Gentille and Brian, Bill and Brianna, and Shawn and Kate

In Marrying Millions, we saw what happens when two people from very different economic backgrounds fall in love. The Lifetime reality series, which premiered in the summer of 2019, followed six couples as they navigated the ups and downs of dating across a class divide. By the time we reached the series finale, some couples had decided to stay together and others had opted to split.

So, where do things stand with the Marrying Millions couples today? Lifetime shared an update with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on who is still living their happily ever after and who has decided to go their separate ways. 

Gentille and Brian 

Marrying Millions viewers were fascinated by the relationship between real estate investor Gentille and her construction worker boyfriend Brian. They wondered why a successful woman like Gentille would stick with Brian, who admitted to hiding that he lived with his parents and lying about his past relationships with wealthy women. Still, this couple seemed determined to head to the altar. But at the last minute, Gentille got cold feet and called everything off. 

Given their dramatic wedding-day breakup, it’s no surprise that Gentille and Brian have not spoken much since the cameras stopped rolling. She’s focused on moving on and is continuing to buy and sell real estate while also looking for the right guy to settle down and have kids with. Brian is still living with his parents and on his own search for love. 

Bill and Brianna

Bill and Brianna’s relationship raised some eyebrows, both with viewers and with their loved ones. The twice-divorced Bill, who made his fortune in commercial real estate, met the 20something Brianna at a restaurant where she was working as a hostess. Despite an age difference of almost 40 years, they seemed determined to make things work. Though they didn’t end the season with a wedding, they did announce that they were thinking about getting married in the future. 

Since Marrying Millions wrapped up, Bill and Brianna have moved back to Dallas, where Bill has been working on opening the city’s swanky new Virgin Hotel and pursing other real estate ventures. She’s happy to be closer to her family again. The two are still in love and living together, though they are continuing to work on getting everyone else to accept their relationship. 

Shawn and Kate 

Palm Springs rapper Shawn and his girlfriend Kate had a rocky relationship throughout season 1 of Marrying Millions. But things really went south for this couple when she discovered that the expensive diamond bracelet he’d bought for her was actually made from cubic zirconia. After being confronted about the deception, Shawn ordered the crew to stop filming and stormed off.

Shawn and Kate didn’t share an update on their current status. But if we had to guess, we’d say this relationship likely didn’t survive. 

Stay tuned for an update on the status of the other three couples from Marrying Millions Season 1: Drew and Rosie, Sean and Megan, and Katie and Kolton.

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