‘Marrying Millions’: Will There Be a Season 2?

What happens when two people with very different financial situations fall in love? That’s the question that the Lifetime reality series Marrying Millions asks. The show made its debut in the summer of 2019 and follows six couples who are in love but come from totally different worlds — one is wealthy, while the other has a more modest background. The difference causes conflicts both within the couples and with their families. 

‘Marrying Millions’ has been renewed for season 2 

In October 2019, Lifetime announced that it had renewed Marrying Millions for a second season. Season 2 will feature 16 episodes — up from 10 in season 1 — and was expected to arrive sometime in 2020. 

“We’re so excited to see Marrying Millions break through and are expanding the franchise to super-serve women hungry for strong, provocative relationship content,” said Gena McCarthy, EVP and Head of Lifetime Unscripted. 

As fans wait for season 2, they can catch up on season 1 on Hulu. All 10 episodes were added to the streaming service at the beginning of April. 

These ‘Marrying Millions’ couples got married

For all the Marrying Millions couples, the big question was whether or not they’d say “I do” or decide to go their separate ways. At the end of season 1, some couples did end up walking down the aisle. 

Sean and Megan got married, despite his wealthy father’s objections. Dad wanted his son to get a prenup, but Sean and Megan already had a child together and he didn’t believe she was a gold digger like his father seemed to fear. Though his father threatened not to come to the wedding, he showed up at the last minute and this couple got their happy ending. 

The same goes for one of the show’s more controversial couples, Drew and Rosie. The well-off Drew and his younger girlfriend raised some eyebrows, especially when viewers learned they’d met on a sugar daddy website. Her parents also didn’t approve of the relationship, but that didn’t stop the pair from jetting off to Costa Rica for their destination wedding without her family’s knowledge.

Where thing stand with the other couples

Kolton Pierce and Katie Hamilton
Kolton Pierce and Katie Hamilton | Lifetime

While a few couples ended season 1 with a wedding, others split or were in a holding pattern

Brianna and her much older boyfriend Bill didn’t end the season with a wedding, but they did agree that they wanted to get married at some point. Single mom Katie and her younger man Kolton also went through some ups and downs, even breaking up at one point. But they ended the season by getting back together. 

Things didn’t end so well for two other Marrying Millions couples. Things went south for aspiring rapper Shawn and his girlfriend Kate after she realized the diamond bracelet he’d given her was actually cubic zirconia. But the biggest drama was definitely between real estate pro Gentille and her construction worker beau Brian. The two were all set to walk down the aisle. But then she learned he’d been engaged to another well-off woman in the past. The news came after he lied to her about other things, and she ultimately called off the wedding at the last minute.