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Chris Evans starred in a few films before playing Captain America, but none of them had the opening weekend success of his Marvel movies. He played Cap in three solo movies, four Avengers movies, and a few Marvel Cinematic Universe cameos, but he doesn’t want to play Captain America anymore. Still, even amid Lightyear and the Netflix original The Gray Man in 2022, rumors persist that his return as Cap is imminent. Evans sent a tweet that all but confirmed he won’t pick up Captain America’s shield ever again.

Chris Evans at the 2016 premiere of 'Captain America: Civil War.' Evans shot down the rumor he'll return as Captain America in a very clear tweet, but some Marvel fans refuse to accept it.
Chris Evans | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Chris Evans’ tweet virtually confirms he won’t play Captain America anymore 

The fourth Captain America movie won’t feature Chris Evans. Anthony Mackie, who played Sam Wilson/Falcon in the two sequels and three Avengers movies, takes over the role. Rumors and hopes persist that Evans will return to the part that made him a star, and he once again shot them down with a recent tweet

Evans all but confirmed he’s done playing Captain America in a comment to a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter. A Twitter thread by THR included a tweet that states, “It is unclear if Chris Evans would reprise his role as the first #CaptainAmerica.”

Evans’ reply made it perfectly clear: “Sam Wilson is Captain America.”

Because it’s the internet, responses to Evans’ reply hit all points of the spectrum.

Marvel fans react to Evans’ tweet about his ‘Captain America’ future

Replies to Evans’ Twitter reply ran the gamut. It should be enough to see the former Captain America ceding the title to the next generation, but some MCU fans still refuse to accept it.

“You are. And you always are,” one person tweeted. “Sam Wilson is Falcon with a shield. Steve Rogers is and will always be Captain America,” another user wrote. “How? Captain America got superhuman strength during WW2. Sam Wilson is the Falcon. Who would break every single bone in his body getting punched by Thanos,” read another reply.

Evans’ tweet received plenty of replies from users who said he will always be the true super soldier. Yet several users, though sad to see Evans all but confirm he’s done playing Captain America, expressed excitement at seeing Mackie take over the role full time.

“I’m a Steve Rogers fan till the end, but Steve has passed the shield to Sam! As much as we miss Steve Rogers as Cap, it’s not going to change the fact that Sam Wilson is Captain America now!” one person replied. 

“People arguing with Steve Rogers about how Sam Wilson is not the real Captain America is literally a plot from the comics, and y’all are out here just doing it,” one user replied. 

“Steve Rogers handed the shield to Sam Wilson at the end of Endgame. Let’s cut the clickbait, shall we?” another responded.

One reply was short, sweet, and to the point: “Chris has it right!”

MCU superhero movies made Evans a star, but he’s played jerks before, too


Chris Evans’ MCU Return Might not Be What Anyone is Expecting

Evans as Captain America was the last hero to join the MCU Avengers as his first solo film dropped a few months after the first Thor movie. Cap remains Evans’ signature role, but he’s excelled at playing anti-heroes and straight-up jerks, too. 

He went against type after Avengers: Endgame when he played a jerk in Knives Out. Evans did the same just before his MCU debut when he appeared as the evil ex Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. He’ll do so again in the upcoming Netflix movie The Gray Man as he plays the menacing villain Lloyd Hansen opposite Ryan Gosling’s Court Gentry. Evans also shined playing the anti-hero Curtis in Snowpiercer.

Evans once said leaving the MCU was bittersweet. Bitter to leave behind a beloved character and longtime co-stars, but sweet to have more room in his schedule to take other roles. Evans’ tweet all but confirmed he won’t play Captain America again, but he knows he left the role in good hands with Mackie.

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