Marvel to Follow ‘Hawkeye’ With ‘Echo’ Series Centered on Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez

Marvel’s Hawkeye series debuts on Nov. 24, but the Disney+ show won’t be the last time fans see most of its core characters. It’s clear Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) will become a more prominent part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it looks like Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez will also find herself in the spotlight later on, with the studio announcing her own Echo series during its Disney+ Day event.

Who does Alaqua Cox play in Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ series?

Alaqua Cox is slated to play Maya Lopez in Hawkeye, a Marvel Comics character who has yet to be introduced in the MCU. She’ll be the studio’s first Native American hero, as well as its first hero who was born deaf. In the comics, Maya is taken in by Wilson Fisk and pitted against Daredevil. She eventually serves as a love interest for the character, however, with the two joining forces.

And with rumors of a Daredevil reboot making the rounds, it’s possible Maya will cross paths with the hero she frequently fights alongside in the comics.

Maya’s ability to duplicate her opponent’s fighting style is certainly formidable. In fact, it’s what earned her the name Echo. She’s likely to go toe to toe with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in Hawkeye before going on to headline her own series.

‘Echo’ ordered to series by Marvel Studios

The official logo for Marvel's upcoming 'Echo' series, which will follow Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez, who will be introduced in 'Hawkeye.'
Logo for ‘Echo’ | Marvel Studios

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Earlier in 2021, Variety reported that an Echo series following Cox’s character was in the beginning stages of development. The show took another huge step toward becoming a reality during Disney+ Day on Nov. 12, during which Marvel confirmed it’s been ordered to series.

The studio didn’t give fans an idea of when Echo might arrive or what it will be about. Hawkeye is likely to shed some light on where Cox’s character finds herself at this stage in the MCU — and what she’ll go on to do after Clint (hopefully) makes it home for Christmas.

When does ‘Hawkeye’ come out on Disney+?

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To learn more about Marvel’s Echo series, fans will need to check out Hawkeye on Disney+. The six-episode show kicks off with two episodes on Nov. 24, and the trailers suggest it’ll showcase a chaotic Christmas for its lead duo.

Marvel hasn’t revealed much about Echo’s role in the series. However, with the mob after Clint, it’s not difficult to intuit how she might fit into his story. More interesting is how this show will lead into her own. Hopefully, Marvel’s Hawkeye will answer that question before it takes its final bow on Christmas weekend.