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Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’ Introduces a New Marvel Hero

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding their mystic side with Doctor Strange and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’ looks to introduce a new hero called The Hunter. With ties to the darker side of the Marvel Universe, the creators are optimistic about her possibly appearing in comics and beyond.

New superheroes can emerge from anywhere. Much like how Harley Quinn originated from Batman: The Animated Series, other characters have jumped from movies, shows, and video games into the main comic continuity and then beyond. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, The Hunter looks to join the Marvel pantheon of heroes.

A visitor plays "Marvel - Iron Man" at Playstation stand at Gamescom
A visitor playing ‘Marvel – Iron Man’ at Gamescom | INA FASSBENDER / AFP via Getty Image

What is Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG exploring the darker side of the Marvel Universe, a world of sorcerers, demonic forces, and bikers with flaming skulls.

While the game brings together familiar faces like Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel, other more obscure heroes appear like Magik and Nico Minoru.

The game’s name and plot come from a comic group, similarly called the Midnight Sons. The team was formed by Dr. Strange, gathering heroes with ties to the mystic arts. Blade, Ghost Rider, and the aforementioned Magik and Nico Minoru were all part of this team.

Their aim to defeat the evil Lilith carries over into the game.

Then, the other non-magic heroes like Wolverine and Captain America join. The game features a wide variety of abilities for players to experiment with.

Joining the band of Marvel heroes, however, is a newcomer called The Hunter.

The Hunter, the child of Lilith

New to the Marvel Universe, The Hunter (customizable as male or female) is the child of Lilith. Give that they descended from an evil villain, the player’s choices as the Hunter can lead to light and dark ‘branches.’

In an interview with, Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon talked about their role in the story.

“We always thought about what makes The Hunter important,” Solomon told “If these absolute legends are going to look to the player, then what makes The Hunter important?”

The team pushed on the relationship between the main antagonist and the new mystic hero.

“Lilith is their actual mother, and…The Hunter [is] interesting because [she] is descended from darkness, and so they have this light and then they have this darkness in them,” Solomon said.

In ways that Raven from the Teen Titans or Hellboy rebel against their more demonic origins, The Hunter looks to take a more heroic route compared to their parentage.

Could Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’ hero make the jump to comics?

The Hunter’s debut comes at an excellent time as the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands their mystic side in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel teams often work closely together, and Marvel personally oversees its projects. While no concrete news on if The Hunter could make the jump to comics, the possibility remains.


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Marvel Games’ Creative VP Bill Rosemann spoke with about The Hunter joining the mainstream Marvel Universe.

“Anything is possible,” Rosemann said. “We’re all one team at Marvel, right? There’s publishing, there’s Marvel Studios, there’s Marvel Games, and we all talk to each other. And we plan ahead, and we share what we’re doing. And we’re all inspired by each other. So, who knows.”

The game is scheduled to release on all current-generation consoles and PC in March 2022.