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Now in its ninth season, The Masked Singer has amassed quite a cult following since its beginnings. As masked celebrities hit the stage to perform, a panel of judges/sleuths tries to guess their identities.

Singer-songwriter Nicole Scherzinger has definitely been an audience favorite. Fortunately, Scherzinger seems to enjoy her time on the show as much as viewers enjoy having her.

Nicole Scherzinger’s most memorable ‘Masked Singer’ moments

Nicole Scherzinger wears a neon green outfit during the 2021 House Party episode of The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer coach Nicole Scherzinger in 2021 | FOX via Getty Images

Scherzinger, known for sometimes getting emotional on the show, has had many memorable moments during her time on The Masked Singer. She has been fantastic at guessing the celebrities’ identities, even guessing the elusive Mushroom on Season 4. She loved Busta Rhymes performing the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha” and has famously failed to identify her personal friends, including Kat Graham as Robo Girl. 

Scherzinger is also notorious for giving her co-star, Ken Jeong, a hard time about his terrible guesses. She has said, “I feel like Ken right now” more than once. 

Scherzinger would also be open to returning to an old favorite show

Before her time on The Masked Singer, Scherzinger was a vocal coach on The X Factor. The show’s U.S. run came to an end in 2013 after producing some serious talent. Since then, there have been numerous rumors of a reboot, but Simon Cowell has denied all of them — until December 2022, when he suggested it might return this year. 

But if The X Factor reboots, would Scherzinger be open to returning? As it turns out, she would, reports Digital Spy. When she was asked if she’d heard the rumors in March, Scherzinger said:

“I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to Simon in a minute; sending lots of love to him and his new fiancee, Lauren, my dear friend.” She added, “If so, I’d love to come back on, and I love The X Factor, and I really value all the years that I was on the show and all the beautiful contestants on the show.”

It sounds as if Scherzinger would at least consider giving The X Factor another go. Of course, there’s no telling how that would conflict with The Masked Singer or if it would at all. If she was contractually allowed to do both, it seems as if she would. 

Is the future of ‘The Masked Singer’ secure?


Jerry Springer’s Last TV Appearance Was on ‘The Masked Singer’ Because ‘My Grandson Would Get a Kick out of It’

Of course, the only constant in life is change, especially in Hollywood. While The Masked Singer has continuously achieved excellent ratings, the fans have expressed some concerns with a recent format change.

Many viewers think the singers are unmasked too quickly with the new format, which has resulted in multiple singers removing their masks in a single episode. This makes fans feel like they don’t get a chance to guess the celebrity identities

Although their identities are revealed more quickly in Season 9, the show’s producers go to great lengths to conceal their identities from everyone before the show, from the panelists to the audience to their co-stars.

Only a handful of people know who they really are. They are forbidden from speaking on set, forbidden from driving themselves to the set, and sometimes asked to wear extra clothes to help conceal their bodies. This explains why Scherzinger sometimes doesn’t even recognize her own friends.