‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ — Who Is Scare Glow?

Some Masters of the Universe fans have been waiting to see Scare Glow since the original 1980s animated series. Netflix delivers with Masters of the Universe: Revelation. He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil-Lyn, Man-At-Arms, Orko and more are back. But, Scare Glow gets the role he missed out on in the ’80s.

Scare Glow unleashes his powers
Scare Glow | Netflix

Tony Todd provides the voice of Scare Glow. Todd spoke with reporters by Zoom on June 3. Here’s what you need to know about Scare Glow. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is on Netflix now. 

Tony Todd didn’t play Scare Glow as a villain in ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

Todd played Candyman in three horror movies. He explained death in the Final Destination movies and has played many villains in live-action and animation. His approach to Scare Glow in Masters of the Universe: Revelation is no different. 

“I don’t go around saying, ‘Let me make them creepy,’” Todd said. “I try to find the truth and reality in these people. They’re fantasies but you’ve got to play it like that because otherwise it becomes a creep fest. We got some surprises in store for your guys. Everything comes full circle.”

Scare Glow had a toy before ‘Masters of the Universe’ was cancelled

Mattel made Scare Glow toys, but the Filmation animated Masters of the Universe series ended before they could include him. Masters of the Universe: Revelation marks the character’s long awaited appearance in He-Man mythology.

“The ironic thing about this, Scare Glow was never in the original series but he was a toy,” Todd said. “Mattel was smart. Now they may not be able to get rid of him.”

Tony Todd relies on his training to play Scare Glow 

Todd’s film and voice work may bring him the most recognition, but he trained classically. Todd said he relies on that training to play characters like Scare Glow. 

“That also goes back to my trainers,” Todd said. “I got a Masters in Theater from Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, Trinity Rep, working with some of the best people in the business. What an actor’s career becomes is the luck of the draw. It’s a deck of cards, you shuffle it. As my friend Stan Shaw said, if you do a particular color very well, Hollywood wants you to keep playing that color. It’s up to you to refuse to be a stereotype and to find different iterations.”

Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Skeletor weilds his magic staff
Skeletor | Netflix

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Masters of the Universe fans will wait for Scare Glow and Skeletor to face off. Mark Hamill voices Skeletor and Todd is friends with him in real life. 

“We did a movie called Sushi Girl together and I’m happy he’s involved with that,” Todd said. “The voiceover world is the same. Everybody knows each other. It’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s the only job in the entertainment industry where it doesn’t matter what you wear when you go to the studio. I’ve seen people show up in bedroom slippers getting out of their Rolls Royces. I’m not going to say who.”