‘Matrix’ Producer Reveals There Will Be No More Movies: ‘It’s Just the Movie You’ve Seen’

The Matrix Resurrections is the latest installment in the sci-fi franchise. The movie divided critics and audiences. It generated a whole lot of conversation about what it means and how it connects to the trilogy, so audiences want to know if there will be another sequel. The Matrix producer James McTeigue explained why there won’t be more movies.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is a sequel

'The Matrix Resurrections' Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus wearing a yellow suit holding a red pill in a bathroom
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus | Murray Close/Warner Bros. Pictures

Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Resurrections is a sequel to 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions. Neo (Keanu Reeves) now lives a seemingly normal life under the name of Thomas A. Anderson in San Francisco. He’s the world’s greatest video game designer in the world who created The Matrix. However, The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) leads him to believe that all of the strange things he’s experiencing are delusions.

Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) make their return, but in very different ways than audiences saw them last. The Matrix Resurrections explores a world beyond the original trilogy, showing how previous events impacted both the real world and the Matrix.

‘Matrix’ producer explains that there won’t be more films

Collider interviewed McTeigue about The Matrix Resurrections and the future of the franchise. He talked about the state of the Matrix movies, studio involvement, and the likelihood of another installment launching in the future.

“I think when you’ve had a franchise with that much potential money-making capability, there’s always talk,” McTeigue said. “It’s in the same way that the Marvel universe repeats and turns in on itself, or you have Spider-Man, or you have Iron Man, or Thor.”

McTeigue continued: “There’s always a potential to update those movies just because of the possibility of making the money and telling new stories. I shouldn’t say it’s just a purely fiscal thought.”

“Look, for us, I think, at the moment, it’s just the movie you’ve seen,” McTeigue said. “We’ve got no prequel in mind. We’ve got no sequel in mind. We’ve got no further trilogy.”

McTeigue added: “But I think the film also works where it’s really open to audience interpretation, like what happened in those 60 years before they fished Neo out again, or Thomas Anderson to Neo. When Neo and Trinity are there at the end, and they’re talking with the analyst, what do they actually mean that they’re going to change? So I think that it’s out there, but it’s not in our wheelhouse at the moment.”

Lana Wachowski’s meta commentary

The Matrix Resurrections contains an abundance of meta dialogue and story points. In particular, Neo is forced to make another Matrix video game after Warner Bros., the studio behind the films, wanted to make another. A board meeting even includes a speech about the potential of even more installments.

Neo doesn’t seem the most pleased with this news, although he initially goes along with it. Wachowski is clearly poking fun at the studio that was looking at potential sequel scripts before Wachowski expressed interest in returning.

There’s certainly potential for another sequel after The Matrix Resurrections, although it sounds like the current team isn’t so interested in pursuing that at this time.

The Matrix Resurrections is currently playing in theaters and on the streaming platform HBO Max.

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