Matt Bomer Said Lady Gaga ‘Charmed Everyone…on Her First Day’ of ‘AHS’

Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga starred opposite one another in American Horror Story: Hotel. The two vampire lovers engaged in hedonistic acts – which entailed graphic sexual escapades and often ended with some blood-sucking satiation. Yet, being in one’s birthday suit — with nothing more than a unique sock to cover his privates — was a bit nerve-racking for Bomer.

AHS stars Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga
Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga Jeff Vespa / Contributor

Bomer explained to The Hollywood Reporter that, though he was anxious, Gaga helped calm his nerve. Bomer noted that she was “relatable” and took the time needed, as the season’s iconic star, to ensure she “broke down the walls” for him and the rest of the cast. He also explained that she was quite the charmer on the set from the get-go. 

Matt Bomer talks about Lady Gaga on the set of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Bomer told Magic Radio that working with Lady Gaga was “incredible.” He “could not love her more.” Because she’s an icon, he “couldn’t help but have expectations of who she might be” and he explained that she “exceeded all of [his] unrealistically high expectations.” 

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The Boys in the Band actor explained that Gaga was present to do the best work she could — she came committed to the show and her character. She was not a diva, nor was she difficult to get along with. He explained that she was “down to earth,” noting:

“[She] had charmed everyone on set on her first day and was very approachable. I was fortunate enough that she had Finn [Wittrock] and I over to her house for dinner before we started working together. She totally broke the ice, made herself accessible, and was just a complete professional, so I could not love her more…” 

Bomer | Magic Radio

It was essential for Gaga to make herself a regular person, removing the icon halo that hovers above her head, as she boasted some very intimate scenes with the White Collar star. 

Matt Bomer says his sex scene with Lady Gaga was “quite humbling”

Bomer said that his sex scene with Lady Gaga likely took place a “couple weeks in,” and he labeled it a “humbling” experience. He told Magic Radio:

“It was really quite humbling actually in so many ways. Because, here we were with these two lovely actors who were great and committed. And, in between takes…it’s quite a lot of blood, which largely consists of corn syrup. So, it’s very sticky. So, essentially, in between takes, they would wrap us up like veal chops in a plastic tarp together. And, here we were, the four of us, lying on our backs, with tarps over us just chatting about the day. And, then they would tear the tarp off and we would go at it again.”

Bomer explained that everyone just “embraced” the experience, and it “leveled the playing field,” allowing those involved in the scene to “bond.”