Matt Roloff Told ‘LPBW’ Fans They Don’t Know the ‘Real Story About Everything’: ‘If You Guys Only Knew’

Those who’ve kept up with Little People, Big World over the years are well-aware of Matt and Amy Roloff’s saga. The couple started the show married, but they’ve since divorced. And there’s been a ton of drama that’s followed them ever since.

Now, Matt’s speaking out about his time on reality TV and how he’s portrayed. And he reassured fans that they definitely don’t see how everything actually plays out in real life. Here’s what he told them.

‘Little People, Big World’ star Amy Roloff still talks about her divorce from Matt Roloff

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show | Peter Kramer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

When Matt and Amy decided to part ways, it took a serious toll on Amy. She wrote about the divorce in her memoir, A Little Me. And she included various scathing details about Matt’s relationship with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, who used to be a farm manager for Roloff Farms.

Now, Amy’s moved on completely, as she’s engaged to Chris Marek. But the topic of divorce still comes up — and she recently told one of her fans how she managed to move forward despite the uncertainty and emotional difficulties.

“At least, for me, it was like a loss,” Amy said via Instagram Live. “Divorce was hard on me. I did consider it a loss, but I was beginning to be at a point, it’s like, you know what? But I still like me. I am still good. And I am going to go out there and figure it out.”

Matt and Amy have given conflicting info regarding if the show is real or not

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There has been a lot of debate on how real Little People, Big World is ever since Jacob Roloff condemned the show in 2016. And Amy’s sworn that the show is as real as it gets.

“For the most part, we keep it real,” she told Us Weekly. “My kids are real. They’re grounded. I don’t think, for the most part, we haven’t got our heads into a different space just because we have the opportunity to share a story. … I like to think that we’re pretty honest, we’re pretty real – at least I am – sometimes to a fault.”

As for Matt, he has a different opinion about how real the show is. “When Amy and I argued about whether it’s a neck or a flag lot, we were just trying to make television,” he told his Instagram followers. “We know that those are the kinds of arguments back-and-forth that create interest and people like to hear.” He then added that he and Amy “make drama” for entertainment.

Matt told his followers they’re not getting all the facts from reality TV

Matt is at it again with his truth bombs. According to In Touch Weekly, he took to Instagram to talk to his followers about what’s going on with the show and Roloff Farms. And he let them know that they’re not getting the whole truth based on what they’ve seen from the show.

One follower called Matt “a bad guy” while he was filming for Instagram, and he noted the comment. “I don’t know if you’re talking about me or the chickens,” he noted. “Probably me and it’s not true. If you guys only knew the real story about everything … you know, you get the TV version of me.”

He didn’t go into too much detail, but he did allude that a lot of the conflict between him and Amy is made for TV. “They show it like we all don’t get along [on the show],” he added. “I say mean things to Amy [Roloff] and she says mean things with me … no, just remember things are TV.”

Considering this isn’t the first time Matt’s spoken out about the show’s authenticity, we’re really wondering what goes on behind the scenes. We’re anxious to hear if Amy will have a response to this as well.

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