Matthew McConaughey Says This Is ‘Probably’ His Favorite of His Movies

Matthew McConaughey has been in numerous movies in numerous genres, however, only one is “probably” his favorite. He explained why he thought the acclaimed director of the film made this movie so special. Here’s a look at how audiences reacted to this movie.

Matthew McConaughey in a suit
Matthew McConaughey | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal

Matthew McConaughey on a film that reminded him of his childhood

Firstly, a little background. McConaughey became famous through his role in Dazed & Confused. Afterward, he starred in films of several genres before being typecast as a romantic comedy actor in the 2000s. In the 2010s, he appeared in a number of serious, dramatic films. McConaughey has some high praise for one of his 2010s films. 

In a clip he posted to Instagram, McConaughey discussed his film Mud. Mud is a coming-of-age story about a pair of Southern teenagers who help the title character hide on an island. McConaughey said Mud was “probably, in a lot of ways, my favorite film I’ve ever done.” He said it’s a film he could imagine his deceased father watching with him. In addition, he said one of the settings of the film reminded him of his childhood backyard in Texas.

A post from Matthew McConaughey’s Instagram

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Matthew McConaughey on why ‘Mud’ can speak to everyone

In an interview with GamesRadar+, McConaughey said the American South was an important part of Mud. however, he thought the film could appeal to all audiences, American or otherwise.

“So the South is definitely a character in the film, it definitely feels like a classic American film. But that’s also to do with Jeff’s directing style in this film, it’s very linear, it’s very deliberate,” He said. “It’s very poetic, the script, but it’s [to do with] affairs of the heart, it’s very universal, it’s not only American.”

A trailer for Mud

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McConaughey said the film’s universality was the result of its director, Jeff Nichols. “That’s a testament to Jeff, who wrote it and directed it. He wants this to translate to humanity and not just be a small Southern picture about these people that happen to be in this small place with these few characters. It’s not bound to that place in time, it’s not even bound to a time.”

Why Matthew McConaughey liked playing the title character in ‘Mud’

In addition, McConaughey said he enjoyed playing the film’s title character. “It was really fun for me, it was a really fun four months in that heart-space and that headspace. He doesn’t compete, there’s no ego about his love, he’s not condemning her for leaving him, whether he understands her or not.”

Matthew McConaughey in a suit
Matthew McConaughey | TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images

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How audiences reacted to ‘Mud’

So McConaughey had some glowing things to say about Mud. This raises an interesting question: Did audiences respond to Mud as well as he did? According to Box Office Mojo, Mud grossed over $32 million. For a little independent drama, this gross is fine, but it’s not especially impressive.