MCU Fans Reveal Their Least Favorite Avenger

Few will deny Robert Downey Jr.’s excellence as the quick-tongued Iron Man on an internal journey from selfish egotist to the selfless savior. And almost every MCU enthusiast fawns over the morally upstanding and righteous Captain America. However, not all the Avengers have been created equal. Where there is a most favorite Avenger, there exists a least favorite Avenger.

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Marvel Studios | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

While certain characters have been granted captivating narrative arcs, meaningful interpersonal relationships, and an integral role in the heroes’ mission, others have not been so lucky. Others seem a little less fleshed-out, a little less intoxicating, or simply, less vital to the overall Avengers saga. 

When scrolling through various forums and online discussion boards, a few trends emerge concerning fans’ least favorite avengers. So, let’s highlight the three main heroes who pop up the most, and analyze why they have failed to leave the memorable impact akin to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

1) War Machine: A less cool Iron Man

One of the all-time most hated Avengers among the bunch, many fans find War Machine’s presence virtually unnecessary. Donning a similar suit to Iron Man, yet lacking his contagious personality and witty sense of humor, many argue that he becomes no more than the franchise’s subordinate to Stark. One Reddit user notes, “Personally I think Rhodey is just the worst. I don’t find him funny at all and War Machine is literally just a worse Iron Man.” 

The worse Iron Man argument surfaces quite frequently, as others argue those behind the MCU films did not spend enough time carving out an appropriate narrative arc for the character. Another MCU enthusiast, on a different forum, shares a similar sentiment to the one mentioned above, noting:

For a while he was still using the iron man prototype armor. He’s a poor man’s iron man. Idk how anyone is excited by him. Whatever you like about iron man, he does less, and less excitingly.

Reddit User 

When it comes to War Machine, many feel that he simply isn’t needed, and fails to bring a unique energy to the film’s varying interpersonal dynamics.

2) Hawkeye: The MCU dropped the ball

While Hawkeye is one of the OG six — as the actors from the first Avengers movie have so affectionately labeled themselves — he remains a frequently cited least favorite Avenger. Hawkeye has a family he wishes to protect, and a decently established arc, despite lacking a standalone movie. However, he remains a bit dull. One fan notes, “Hawkeye is just… basic. He’s a good archer and has a family, but that’s it.”

Hawkeye doesn’t have special powers or the most impressive hand-to-hand combat skills; though an amazing archer, his abilities remain quite lackluster when compared to the other Avengers.

Other Marvel fans chime in to explain how Hawkeye and War Machine could have been better if given more attention. Hawkeye was a main cast member from the start, but he wasn’t always treated with the same level of respect from the writers (or so it seemed). He’s an archer, but what else? Give us another cool trait or mysterious backstory to grasp onto. One fan explains that the movie weakened Hawkeye, stating, “Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters in the comics, but they did him so dirty in the movies.” 

When it comes to Hawkeye, the clearly delineated characterization is present, but he’s a bit dull and less over-the-top impressive than the others in the MCU. 

3) Falcon: Annoying?

Many fans argue that Falcon started as a nice addition to the team — a likable character with some cool wings — and became irritating with time. One fan notes, “the guy’s annoying,” while another fan chimes in arguing, “I liked him when he was first introduced, but by Civil War he was kinda getting on my nerves. Is it just me, or is he kind of a d*ck to everyone who isn’t Steve Rogers?”

Falcon is often cited in least favorite MCU character lists including Hawkeye and War Machine; however, while Hawkeye and War Machine get swapped for others, Falcon almosts always rears his head. While not necessarily hated for a particular trait, he’s not well-received and lacks development. One fan noted,  “I just feel like he’s never had any character progression.”  In short, Falcon is just present; he can become irritating and many fans argue that he does not possess the status to carry a take-charge moment.