MCU Leak: Spider-Man to Fight Alongside Tom Hardy’s Venom

Following the most recent Sony/Disney negotiation, placing Peter Parker back in the MCU for another Spidey installment and an additional MCU appearance, rumors began surfacing that Disney plans to buy the character outright. 

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

Whether Spidey will become Marvel’s for good or remain the child of parents on the brink of divorce — teeter-tottering between the Sony Spider-Verse and the Marvel world — has yet to be seen. However, recent insider reports indicate that narrative plans are coming together for both possibilities. 

According to Pete’s Basement — receiving information from the long-time comics insider Mikey Sutton — Spider-Man will appear in Venom’s next film; however, how this will work depends on where Sony and Disney stand come Venom 3. 

Reuniting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom in ‘Venom 3’

During the four-part, Spider-Man multiverse leak announced late on 10/19 — spanning Pete’s Basement, Lords of the Longbox, and more — multiple YouTube channels known for keeping fans in the loop concerning Marvel and DC updates, reported on Mikey Sutton’s latest intel. 

One of the stories related to uniting Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with Tom Hardy’s Venom. Apparently, Tom Holland will appear in the third Venom movie, featuring Carnage and an army of symbiotes. For those of you unfamiliar with the comic book space, Carnage was a serial killer originally known as Cletus Kasady; he became the villainous Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote, Venom. Adjustments for cinematic relevance will likely come into play here.

Considering Marvel does not name its movies after villains, the movie will not be called Venom 3 if under Marvel’s ownership. Further, if part of the MCU, Venom will take on his anti-hero persona, straying from his previous villain territory. Further, if Disney owns the film, it will not directly tie into the past two Venom installments.

If the movie is part of Sony’s Spider-Verse, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will feature in Venom’s film — as the currently standing deal allows and posits — but he will be a Spider-Man from a different universe (with no connections to the MCU). 

Holland’s Spidey and Hardy’s Venom meet through the multiverse and the ‘Secret Wars’ begin

According to the insider reports, Spidey and Venom will meet via the multiverse— to fend off Carnage and a team of symbiotes — and the film will become part of an epic Secret Wars plotline, spanning television and film alike.

To make a long story short, Secret Wars is a 12-issue American comic book crossover, in which a cosmic entity called the Beyonder observes the mainstream Marvel universe. The character — amazed by the villains and heroes on earth — transports our iconic heroes and baddies to the Battleworld (a planet he created) against their will to go head-to-head. While this is the basic idea, the story expands, and the MCU would likely borrow pierces or ideas to weave a new narrative, as is often the case.