Will the MCU’s Rogue Be Part of the New Avengers, The Brotherhood of Mutants, or Both?

If the insider leaks surrounding Rogue’s entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe turn out to be true, a few different narrative trajectories remain plausible. According to Marvel and DC Insider Mikey Sutton, Rogue will join the MCU as an adversary to Captain Marvel in the hero’s second solo outing — paying homage to the source material, as such a depiction would be more canonical than Fox’s illustration

Rogue Marvel
A fan cosplays as Rogue from X-Men and the Marvel Universe | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

If Rogue joins as an adversary, theoretically, she will be on the villainous mutant team — the Brotherhood — as opposed to the X-Men. However, will this remain the case? The character’s age could also wind up playing a pivotal factor. Let’s break down the MCU possibilities. 

Rogue could set up an introduction for Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants in ‘Captain Marvel 2’ 

In the comics, Rogue is Mystique’s adopted daughter. And, due to a prophecy Mystique receives from her omniscient and precognitive lover, Mystique discovers that Captain Marvel will try to end Rogue’s life. Thus, Mystique sets out to destroy Carol Danvers before Carol Danvers can fulfill her destiny. However, Rogue finds out and decides to take matters into her own hands, which could be where the MCU decides to pick up the narrative. 


The above character dependencies could come to the surface as Captain Marvel 2 progresses, recounting a backstory that sets up Mystique’s entrance in a post-credits’ scene or a subsequent mash-up film. And, this would also set into motion a greater narrative spinoff, as Mystique leads an iteration of the Brotherhood following Magneto’s reign; members include Pyro, the Blob, Avalanche, Destiny, and (of course) Rogue. 

Yet, Rogue does not stay evil; she does come to side with the good guys, and the MCU could find a way to use the famous web-slinger to change her ways (without straying too far from the comics and/or prior animated depictions). 

If Rogue is young enough in the MCU, she could become Peter Parker’s love interest

According to X-Men lore, Rogue and Spider-Man have almost paired up twice! They were nearly matched in the X-Men cartoon and in an issue of X-Men Forever, as ScreenRant notes. 

From saving each other from near-death situations to missed kisses and falling into each other’s arms, the MCU could choose to take this duo’s “almost romance’ to the silver screen, allowing for Spidey’s heroic ways to influence Rogue, turning her into a savior instead of a villain. 

Given Tom Holland’s boyish disposition as Parker, Rogue would also have to be an adolescent for the dynamic to be feasible. And, considering she may be an individual who chooses to swiftly (and without precaution) take matters into her own hands, imagining a teenager doesn’t feel like a stretch. Not to mention, such a character trait would make her perfect for Spidey. 

If Rogue abandons the Brotherhood, she could easily become one of the members of The New Avengers destined to define the landscape moving forward. She could then appear in several mash-ups, as other X-Men come to play; she could be a central figure in both mutantkind-based films and Avenger-centric stories.