MCU Star Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Have to Pretend He Knows How to Cook on Film

Bradley Cooper has made a name for himself with acting, directing, and screenwriting. One franchise he is a part of is Marvel Studio’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Fans eagerly wait for news about the third installment and if the actors will reprise their roles. 

Cooper has become a household name and is a man of many talents. One of his skills is that he can cook. In fact, an actual chef taught him several techniques. 

Bradley Cooper’s acting career

Cooper began his acting career with his debut in a guest spot on the show Sex and the City. He has acted on television and film, but his role in Wedding Crashers gave his career a boost. The actor starred in other films where he made use of his comedic talents. He has had several Oscar nominations for his work. 

Many Marvel fans may know Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Some people may not believe he is the voice actor for the character since their voices sound so different.

However, he does not use any technology to create Rocket’s voice. The character’s distinct voice is a result of the actor’s voice talent. 

Cooper also has done other jobs besides acting. He directed A Star is Born, which starred him and Lady Gaga as the lead roles. He plays a musician who discovers a struggling artist and helps her become famous.

The film was a box office success, and while his salary for the film is unknown, people can assume that he got paid a pretty hefty sum. 

Bradley Cooper played two chef characters

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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Actors will play many types of roles, which may be a thief or a doctor. As mentioned previously, Cooper has played a CGI raccoon before. One can never know what kind of mindset they will find themselves in.

A couple of characters that Cooper played were chefs. He has had two roles so far that involved characters knowing how to cook. However, they may not be well-known to fans. 

One of his roles was on a TV show called Kitchen Confidential. The famous chef Anthony Bourdain wrote a book of the same name, which later inspired the show. In the series, Cooper starred as Jack Bourdain. 

He had a starring role in the film Burnt in 2015. Cooper’s character is a troubled chef that faced a downturn in his career. Throughout the movie, the character tries to get back into the industry. The film did not do well at the box office, unfortunately. 

A professional chef taught Bradley Cooper

Cooper has several skills that he can show off. One of them is that he can speak fluent French. Some of his skills have the potential to be useful for certain roles he picks up. When it comes to his chef roles, he already knew several cooking techniques. 

One of the Cooper fun facts that Insider listed is that he trained for several weeks with a professional chef. The professional was a Michelin star chef, Marcus Wareing. During Cooper’s training, he learned advanced cooking techniques. 

It can be difficult learning how to cook, but it helped that Cooper grew up with an Italian family. They influenced his love for cooking, which boosted his motivation to learn more. However, the reason for his training was more job-related than for a hobby. 

The reason why Cooper learned from an expert was to prepare for his part in Burnt. Sometimes, actors will practice skills or use method acting to add realism to their characters. It would seem that Cooper was not messing around when he approached his roles.