MCU Star Jeremy Renner Gives His Mom a Surprise Home Makeover on ‘Celebrity IOU’ — And It’s Not the First Time He’s Wowed Her With His Reno Skills

Hawkeye’s mom is getting a new home. Actor Jeremy Renner will appear on the May 18 episode of Celebrity IOU. The MCU star teams up with Property Brothers hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott to make sure that his mother has the home of her dreams.  

Jeremy Renner transforms his mom’s dated condo 

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Renner, 49, decided he wanted to help move his mom, Valerie Cearley, to Los Angeles so that she could be closer to her family. But her dated 1970s condo — complete with mirror wall — wasn’t exactly the home of anyone’s dreams. So the Avengers: Endgame star called on the Property Brothers to turn the space into a modern-meets-cozy oasis where she can entertain her large family and host sleepovers with her grandchildren, including Renner’s daughter, Ava.

“My mom means everything to me,” Renner says in a preview for the series. 

The Celebrity IOU project was no small affair. The condo required duct work, new electrical, and support beams. But the result, including a stylish, family-friendly kitchen, is sure to wow both Renner’s mom and viewers. 

Renner is actually an experienced house flipper 

Renner grew up in Modesto, California, one of several siblings whose parents divorced when he was 10. An acting class he took in college inspired him to move to Hollywood and build a career as an actor. Success wasn’t immediate, but after years of hard work, he eventually landed plum roles in movies like The Hurt Locker and The Town. Later, he joined the MCU as expert marksman Hawkeye. 

In 2000, while Renner was still struggling to support himself as an actor, he and a friend started a sideline business flipping houses, according to an article in The Modesto Bee. Even after his star rose, he continued to invest in real estate, though he did less of the hands-on reno work himself. 

The MCU star renovated his mom’s home in Modesto

Jeremy Renner and his mom
Jeremy Renner and his mom Valerie Cearley at the Academy Awards in 2010 | Lester Cohen/WireImage

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Renner did most of his house-flipping in Los Angeles, but he returned home to Modesto to work on a special project. He renovated his mother’s 1929 Tudor-style home, which she purchased in 2007. After a top-to-bottom rehab, the four-bedroom house was listed for sale in 2017. Among the improvements made by Renner were new floors, wider doorways, and heightened ceilings. He also discovered a walled-over closet and turned a small garage into a sitting room and mudroom.

The updated home was gorgeous, but with all of her children and grandchildren living in LA, Renner’s mom decided to move to Southern California permanently. The home eventually sold for $569,000, according to 

There’s a lot of great old architecture out there,” Renner told Bloomberg in 2016. “You just have to reimagine it with today’s living standards.”

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9/8c on HGTV. 

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