MCU Theory: Thanos Waited For a Powerful Leader to Die Before Executing His Plan

One of the most memorable Marvel films is Avengers: Infinity War. Fans got to see all the heroes come together to fight Thanos.

Although Endgame provided a great closure to a 22-film saga, many viewers agree that Infinity War is by far their favorite one

The movie led to a variety of theories and speculation. Some of them point fingers at who is to blame for Thanos achieving his goals. In one discussion, fans point out that Odin’s death was the catalyst. 

Odin has a wide variety of powers

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Some of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are based on Norse mythology. One of them is Thor’s father, Odin. While Thor is a strong protagonist, Odin has his own set of abilities that make him a rather powerful entity. 

Although fans do not get to see Odin display his powers in the films, the comics show what he is capable of doing. According to the website Marvel, he is called the All-Father, much like in Norse legends. It is another way of saying that he is a supreme god. 

After the death of his siblings, Odin gained an incredible amount of energy called the Odinpower. With it, the god can channel cosmic energy to create strong concussive blasts and force fields. He has superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. 

Not to mention, Odin is capable of teleportation and rearranging matter at a molecular level. The All-Father has several enchanted weapons that he wields. Odin is able to keep Hela, his daughter, imprisoned until his death. She returns immediately after he is gone and proves to be incredibly tough to beat. 

Thanos was too weak to fight Odin

One of the most talked-about villains is Thanos. In Infinity War, he collects all the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe. There have been some theories that suggest what allowed him to be victorious. A couple of people blame Odin, with one explaining that it was due to him being a bad father to Loki

Another theory on Reddit speculates that Odin’s death gave Thanos the freedom to enact his evil plan. In the comment section, some fans suggested Thanos waited until the All-Father died before collecting the stones. One of the main reasons is that Odin would have been too powerful for Thanos to face. 

“He waited until Odin was dead because the risk of Odin curb-stomping him before he got all 6 stones was unacceptably high. At least that’s the theory I’ve seen,” one user wrote. 

Even though viewers do not see how strong Odin is in the films, comic book fans are familiar with the extent of his abilities. Thanos would have had a hard time trying to fight someone who can teleport and rearrange matter. 

Odin protected the places Thanos needed to visit


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Another reason why Thanos waited until Odin’s death was because the god acted as a protector of the Nine Realms. Some of the stones reside on Earth, which was under Odin’s protection. He could have sent Thor and possibly his powerful army to deal with the threat. 

As mentioned before, Hela returns after Odin dies. When the Goddess of Death arrives at Asgard, the place gets thrown into chaos. There would have been no organized army to show up and help the characters on Earth fight Thanos and his minions. 

While Thanos already got his hands on the Power Stone, he had no way to use it safely. Odin also protected Nidavellir, where Thanos needed to make the gauntlet. 

“Yes, so long as Odin protected ndavellir [sic], he could not forge the gauntlet, and without the gauntlet the stones could not be used,” another Reddit user commented.