MCU X-Men: 5 Mutant Characters the Marvel Reboot Needs to Reintroduce (and 3 It Should Avoid for Now)

Since 2000, the X-Men movie series has introduced dozens of characters and spanned decades of storytelling. Yet, the mutant heroes are reportedly set for an epic reboot when they hit the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the MCU X-Men take shape, here are a few characters the franchise needs to reintroduce right away and a few to avoid for a while.

Fans cosplay as X-men's Cyclops and Wolverine
Fans cosplay as X-men’s Cyclops and Wolverine | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The X-Men characters Marvel needs to launch a new version of the series

The big challenge for the MCU X-Men is to avoid retreading the same ground. Over a dozen movies, the Fox movie series has covered a lot of popular characters and stories. But a few mutants are still so central to the basic premise behind the X-Men.

For instance, it’s hard to imagine the MCU bringing the characters in without Professor X and Magneto. In most versions of the X-Men, the dynamic between these two opposing leaders is fundamental to everything that follows. The MCU X-Men should consider drawing some inspiration for their depiction from X-Men: First Class.

Just as Professor X is vital in creating the foundation, the MCU X-Men needs his most prominent students. According to most fans, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm have never gotten their due in the Fox movies. So expect the MCU to finally rectify that, allowing them to truly shine.

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Some of the most popular characters deserve a long break

The MCU X-Men probably can’t get away without reintroducing new versions of Professor X and Magneto. But one pillar of the Fox series it should keep out for now is Wolverine. The character has essentially served as the lead character in more than half of the previous movies. And since he’s an outsider, there’s no reason the franchise needs him just yet.

Likewise, many of the Fox X-Men movies feature Mystique in a major role. While the character’s appeal is undeniable, fans have seen her shape-shifting shenanigans too often for it to pack much punch now. Instead, Magneto should have other baddies filling out his Brotherhood of Mutants. Perhaps Juggernaut could receive proper big-screen treatment this time.

Lastly, Beast deserves a break as well. Hank McCoy’s furry, blue alter-ego is a major character in five X-Men movies. And as cool as he is, he’s been explored much more on screen than nearly all the other original X-men team members. The MCU X-Men should give others time in the spotlight.

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The MCU X-Men line-up needs to strike a very delicate balance

Undoubtedly, the MCU X-Men will encounter some overlap with the Fox movie series that preceded it. However, the franchise has to take great care in how they adapt these beloved characters to the big screen. How, for instance, can Professor X or Magneto’s arcs diverge from what we’ve seen?

Times are a lot different from when Marvel Comics introduced the X-Men back in the 1960s. But we suspect the MCU X-Men will lean into the spirit of that original run even if the line-up is different. Fans probably have a while more to wait for details on Marvel’s plans. So hang tight for updates.