Megan Boone Supports Former ‘The Blacklist’ Co-Star in His Broadway Debut

It’s been over a year since Megan Boone departed from her starring role in the NBC series, The Blacklist, but the bonds clearly run deep between her and her former co-stars. Actor Amir Arison, who portrayed Aram Mojtabai for nine seasons of The Blacklist, recently made his Broadway debut. Boone was there to show her support to her former co-star on opening night.

Former The Blacklist star Megan Boone poses at the opening night of the new play The Kite Runner on Broadway wearing a black lace dress.
Megan Boone | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Amir Arison and Megan Boone appeared in ‘The Blacklist’ together for eight seasons

Megan Boone starred as Liz Keen for eight seasons of the NBC series, The Blacklist. In June 2021, Boone announced that she would leave her series regular role to pursue other endeavors. Since then, the actor started her own production company, Weird Sister, with Sony Pictures Television. Liz Keen was killed off in the final episode of The Blacklist Season 8.

Following nine seasons on The Blacklist, actor Amir Arison, who played Aram Mojtabai, also announced his departure. Season 9 of the NBC series explored Aram’s experiences with mental health problems. In the season finale, Aram told the rest of the task force his plans to take an indefinite leave of absence and explore New York.

Boone caught Arison’s Broadway debut performance of ‘The Kite Runner’

Arison also headed to New York to tackle his very first Broadway show. The actor was cast as Amir in the Broadway adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel The Kite Runner. Arison recently spoke of tackling the character in an interview with Playbill.

“It was hard to get behind the role because he makes a series of cowardly decisions that felt anathema to my soul. But of course, therein lies the challenge. My hesitancy toward the role was also the thing that drew me to it,” Arison said.

Although both Boone and Arison have left The Blacklist behind, their bond of friendship remains. In fact, Boone recently posted on Instagram about attending Arison’s debut Broadway performance.

“Opening night for a friend’s Broadway debut @kiterunnerbway. Mighty fun to be out in NY, all fancy and surrounded by show folk. Blacklist favorite @amirarison can’t be missed in this limited run. Hurry and grab a ticket while you can to see this ephemeral work at a special time in a dear actor’s life that lots of us have grown to love,” Boone wrote. “Your support is deeply felt, Megs,” Arison responded.

Megan Boone was cast in her first acting role since leaving ‘The Blacklist’

Amir Arison isn’t the only actor making exciting career moves. Following her departure from The Blacklist, Megan Boone is about to tackle another TV show role. According to Deadline, Boone is set to appear in an upcoming episode of the Fox anthology drama series, Accused.

As the name suggests, the series follows the story of an accused defendant on trial, revealing what happened through flashbacks from their point of view. Boone can be seen in Accused when the episode airs sometime in 2023.

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