Meghan Markle Often Copies Kate Middleton’s Royal Pose in Photos, Expert Says

Meghan Markle has taken a page from Kate Middleton’s book and copied one of her royal poses. Kate, when seen seated, sits with her knees together and legs at an angle — a move that Meghan has also used in photos.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton has a signature pose called the ‘Cambridge cross’

Kate assumes the modest pose while seated in photos, as her legs are together and slanted slightly to one side to create a zig-zag. Princess Diana often used the slanted leg posture, dubbed the “duchess slant,” in photos.

Etiquette expert Myka Meier, author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy, shared why the pose works well in photographs. “It is the perfect sitting pose for when a camera is shooting directly in front of you because, by slightly slanting the knees to create a zig-zag effect when wearing a dress or skirt, your legs are angled so that the camera only shoots the sides of your legs and protects your modesty,” she told Daily Mail.

Meier further explained that Kate displays a similar pose, called the “Cambridge cross” while seated, with her knees together and legs crossed at the ankles.

“When sitting for long periods of time, this is the go-to position for the Duchess of Cambridge, as it tends to be the most comfortable,” Meier said. “Knees and ankles stay together while crossing at the ankle, with the heels of the shoes touching the floor.”

Expert explains why the ‘duchess slant’ looks ‘sophisticated’

Meier told People, “‘The duchess slant’ is one of the most elegant and flattering ways to sit, because it has a lengthening effect on the legs.”

She continued, “The key with the technique is to square your shoulders straight ahead while maintaining perfect posture. Keeping knees and ankles together at all times, position your legs so that you create a slant, angling your knees to the side. Hands should be folded one over the other and placed in your lap.”

The etiquette expert noted that sitting with knees and ankles together either slanted or crossed at the ankle rather than the knee is “sophisticated, protects vulnerabilities, and looks fabulous in photos.”


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Meghan Markle copies Kate Middleton ‘duchess slant’

Meghan also has adopted Kate’s pose, as she’s seen in a variety of photos sitting with the “duchess slant” posture. On occasion, she has also been spotted crossing her legs, which is a variation of the “Cambridge cross.”

“When sitting, The Duchess of Sussex’s go-to position is one knee over the other,” Meier said. “The key, however, is that knees and ankles stay together and toes point forward.”

Kate Middleton strikes a specific pose when holding a handbag

Meier noted that Kate strategically uses the “Cambridge carry” when she has a handbag. The placement of her hands keeps any hint of tension to a minimum. When holding her purse this way, Kate doesn’t look “tense” with her hand gestures.

“Instead of clenching fists or intertwining fingers together, which sometimes can appear as if you are tense by doing so, she is holding a handbag in front of her,” the expert explained.

“It gives people who are not sure what to do with hands something to hold onto,” Meier added.