Meghan Markle Reportedly Created Royal ‘Rift’ Days After Wedding to Prince Harry

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex may no longer be a senior member of the royal family, but it seems like just yesterday that she was first making waves within the ranks. As the first American in years to join the royal family and a working actress to boot, Meghan was subject to an intense wave of scrutiny from the moment her romance with Prince Harry was revealed.

Unfortunately, negative publicity began right away, with many sources claiming that Meghan was difficult, hard to work with, and unable to get along with Prince Harry’s family. According to a recent report, Meghan actually went out of her way to start a rift within the family — although this could be yet another example of the media trying to portray Meghan as more difficult than what she actually is. 

Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry was highly publicized

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Prince Harry and Meghan started dating in 2016, and although they kept their romance secret for quite some time when their relationship was finally revealed, the whole world stood up and took notice. Not only was Meghan a biracial American actress, but she had been married once previously and was a popular Instagram influencer. The British public wasn’t sure whether her romance with the redheaded royal was a good thing or not.

The days leading up to their wedding were packed with speculation, with fans wondering what type of dress Meghan would choose, who would be invited to the ceremony, and how Prince Harry’s family members would react to the unconventional ceremony. The fact that Meghan was estranged from several of her relatives further complicated matters, and many believed that any bad blood in the Markle camp was entirely due to Meghan’s influence. 

Did Meghan Markle cause a royal rift?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Marty Melville – Pool/Getty Images

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One rumor that started making the rounds in the days leading up to and following the royal wedding was the idea that Meghan and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s wife, didn’t get along. Some accused Meghan of mistreating palace staff, stating that she was impossible to work for and had outrageously high expectations, sending emails at insanely early hours.

According to a recent report, the Duchess of Sussex was actually to blame for instigating a major rift within Prince Harry’s family only days after their May 2018 wedding. The source states that Meghan got off on the wrong foot almost immediately, acting out at Prince Charles’s seventieth birthday party. As the source revealed, “something happened at the very first garden party at Buckingham Palace…we were all absolutely gobsmacked and astonished, we all thought this doesn’t bode well.”

Meghan Markle is an independent woman

If the report is true, it is devastating to Meghan’s image. However, it is possible that the story of the garden party incident is the latest in a series of stories designed to portray Meghan in a bad light. After all, her supposed feud with Kate was ultimately proven to be a non-issue, and the real feud was actually between Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Furthermore, the garden party incident sounds salacious, but there are likely several sides to the tale. If, in fact, Meghan acted out in front of her new husband’s family, it could have been for good reason — she could have been standing up for someone, or even herself.

Meghan is a social justice warrior, a woman who has made her own way in the world. It is possible that she heard something she didn’t agree with, and rather than shirk away from a confrontation, she simply spoke her mind. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the first time that the media blamed Meghan for no real reason at all.