Method Man’s Wife Blasts Wendy Williams Over Claims She Had a One Night Stand With Him

Tamika Smith is standing up for her husband.

After Wendy Williams claimed she had a one night stand with Method Man, Smith penned an incendiary message blasting the famed talk show host. She began her statement by listing off other offensive things Williams has said in relation to her and Method Man before ending it by calling her “one of the most miserable b*tches on the planet.” Yikes.

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What Wendy Williams said about Method Man exactly

For those who missed it, Williams was on a press run for her Lifetime biopic Wendy Williams: The Movie, when she stopped by Live With DJ Suss One for a tell-all interview.

At one point, she claimed that she’d once invited Method Man to her penthouse, where she allegedly bathed him and smoked marijuana with him. “I smoked a blunt with [Method Man] while I gave him a bath and it was a one-night stand,” she alleged.

But it didn’t make it make in into the biopic, as Wendy said, “Method Man is still very angry at me.”

Method Man is likely still “angry” with Williams for exposing his wife’s cancer diagnosis years ago. According to Vulture, she had been speaking on her radio show in 2006 when she revealed Smith had breast cancer.

In response, Method Man slammed Williams in an interview with The Breakdown, saying she violated Smith by revealing such personal information.

“I’d like to thank Wendy Williams for bringing that to the masses ‘cause she didn’t have to go on the radio and say that sh*t,” he said. “I like to keep stuff like that private but yeah, [my wife] was sick. That ain’t nobody f*ckin business. That’s her business, she didn’t want anybody to know about it. I respected her wishes right there. … Nobody knew anything until Wendy Williams said that sh*t.”

As far as her latest comments, Method Man has not publicly acknowledged them.

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But Method Man’s wife has reacted to Wendy Williams’s claims

As Williams’s latest comments swept the media, Smith penned a message to social media calling her out for her history of speaking on her and her husband.

“For years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and our family. In the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos, and blatant attempts to provoke us. But Wendy has proven again and again that she is incapable of any decency. Her obsession with our lives has reached a new low. And I’m tired of taking the high road,” she began.

“In an obvious attempt to increase ratings for her sad biopic, her struggling TV show, and her burnt out career, Wendy has once again targeted my husband. It’s a pattern that she has repeated for years,” she continued, reminding readers that Williams revealed her cancer diagnosis before she had a chance to tell her family and friends.

“Despite my anger, I chose not to respond publicly to her unhealthy fixation with my husband and our marriage,” she added. “It was clear that she was sick, and that she was struggling with a lot of issues including self-hate and low self-esteem.”

She also called Williams “ugly, both inside and out” and “desperate for attention.”

“How sad that a woman who was once revered in the entertainment industry has reduced herself to a tabloid sidetone and circus freak,” she continued.

Finally, Smith said: “For the record, my marriage is solid, my husband continues to enjoy a successful career, and Wendy will forever be one of the most miserable b*tches on the planet.”

So far, Williams has not responded to the post.