Mia Farrow Once Said She Was ‘Too Immature’ to Marry Frank Sinatra

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra were married for two years. Farrow has admitted their relationship did not definitively end after their divorce and that the romantic feelings lingered. Despite this, she did not know that she was ready to marry the musician. Their age gap was wide, and she had never been married before. She once explained that she would not want to go through another marriage like that one. 

A black and white photo of Frank Sinatra standing with his hand around Mia Farrow's shoulders.
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Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra were awestruck when they met each other

Sinatra and Farrow met in 1964 and felt a near-instant connection.

“I was hers, instantly,” Sinatra later said, per the New York Post. “I loved that hair, man. I think the hair’s what got me.”

Sinatra invited her to sit down and talk. When they did, Farrow dropped her purse, spilling its contents everywhere. She scrambled to put everything back in her bag.

“I thought the only thing I could do was to get out of there with any shred of dignity that might remain,” she said. “And as I stood up to leave, his eyes met mine, and my heart stopped, you know? Everything came together. I was just so alive in that moment.”

She believed she was too immature to marry him

In 1966, Sinatra and Farrow married in Las Vegas. The marriage baffled those close to them, primarily because Sinatra was 30 years older than Farrow. 

“Jesus Christ, Frank,” Sinatra’s friend Dean Martin said. “I got Scotch older than this kid!”

Sinatra’s mother publicly expressed her gratitude that they didn’t marry in a church, as she didn’t expect the union to last. Farrow wondered if she was looking for a sort of father figure.

“Oh, I don’t know what I was looking for,” she told the LA Times in 1989. “I had a touch of Zelda Fitzgerald in me. Possibly, it had something to do with looking for a father. There are worse things to look for.”

She explained that their brief marriage “wasn’t an experience I would want to repeat.” Farrow was ambitious and dedicated to her acting career. Sinatra wanted a wife who would fit neatly into his lifestyle. 

“I was too immature to handle that situation,” she explained. “I became very withdrawn and tried to find other values in life.”

In 1968, Sinatra filed for divorce while Farrow was working on Rosemary’s Baby.

Mia Farrow once said her relationship with Frank Sinatra never really ended

Though their marriage was brief, their relationship lasted for years.

“He came back, over and over and over and over,” she told Vanity Fair. “I mean, we never really split up.”

After Sinatra’s death in 1998, Farrow attended his funeral with his first wife and his eldest daughter. They placed several items in his coffin, including “a small bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a dime, because he always told us never to go anywhere without a dime. ‘You never know who you’ll have to call.'” Farrow also wrote a note and put it in with her wedding ring

Reflecting on their relationship, Farrow said she believes that Sinatra was the “great love” of her life.

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