Michael B. Jordan May Be Making the Jump From Marvel to DC

Michael B. Jordan is known for playing one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most fleshed-out villains, Killmonger, as he boasts a backstory and complex three-dimensionality that is somewhat atypical for MCU antagonists. However, his days in the MCU may be coming to an end, as Warner Bros. is reportedly eyeing the Creed and Creed II star for a major hero in the DC Extended Universe. 

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan | Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

Warner Bros. is reportedly eyeing Michael B. Jordan for Green Lantern 

Mikey Sutton — a well-known Marvel and DC Insider – recently launched his scoop site, GeekosityMag, after years behind a successful private Facebook group — Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture. He uses the site to share his latest insider scoops, and he recently reported on Jordan and Green Lantern. 

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Sutton explained that Warner Bros. sees potential in the character — if they get it right this time, as the first venture with Ryan Reynolds left much to be desired. Sutton noted that a different iteration of Green Lantern, John Stewart, will likely come forward instead of Hal Jordan. He shared:

WB does see the commercial potential in the character; if done well, it could be like a cross between Superman and Star Wars. We are still far from casting as there’s no director officially attached although the J.J. Abrams talk persists. When I asked a source who WB’s dream choice for Stewart will be, the answer dropped fast: Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed fame. Jordan had been rumored in the past for Superman when Henry Cavill was considered gone. That has changed now with Cavill returning. Could Jordan end up as Stewart instead? That all depends on how the dominoes fall.


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If Jordan joins DC, his time in the MCU may come to an end, yet what information exists regarding John Stewart’s version of Green Lantern? Who, exactly, would Jordan be portraying if the report turns out to be credible? 

All About John Stewart’s Green Lantern 

As GreenLantern.Fandom notes, John Stewart was an architect from Detroit, Michigan. The Guardians of the Universe recruited him to serve as Hal Jordan’s back-up after Guy Gardner dealt with some serious injuries and long-term consequences following a major disaster. 

Stewart doesn’t love authority figures, and he could be a bit combative, but his heart tends to be in the right place. Stewart receives the uniform and the ring and sets out on missions as Green Lantern. Hal Jordan doesn’t approve of how he handles some situations, yet their relationship develops and improves across time. 

Like Jordan, Stewart possesses similar abilities when equipped with the ring; he can build complex constructs with it, and his will exceeds that of which the ring has to offer alone. He also boasts marine training and is a flight combat expert.