Michelle Duggar Might’ve Just Told Her Instagram Followers She’s Actually Been Working This Whole Time

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar brought their 19 kids into the spotlight over a decade ago. While fans still keep up with the Duggars via Counting On, the famous parents also keep their followers informed via social media. And it looks like Michelle clued fans in that she does more than just take care of the children. Here’s what she wrote.

The Duggar women don’t typically work outside of the home

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar speak during the 5th Annual Values Voter Summit
Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar speak during the 5th Annual Values Voter Summit | Kris Connor/WireImage

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The Duggars are known for abiding by classic gender roles in the home. The girls grew up with a strict dress code so they wouldn’t offend any boys that they may cross paths with. And it’s also expected that they marry and have children at an early age. This leaves little opportunity for the Duggar women to go for higher education or work outside of the home.

Some of the Duggar ladies still choose to find some way to make an income, though. Jana Duggar has worked as a doula and midwife assistant, as have a few of her sisters. And Jessa, Jill, and Joy-Anna Duggar have thriving YouTube channels that might also help pay the bills. We’ve seen Jinger, Kendra, and Anna Duggar promote sponsored content via Instagram, too.

It seems a few of the Duggar husbands are supportive of their wives finding work, too. Jill infamously stepped away from her famous family, and her husband, Derick Dillard, told fans Jill can work jobs outside of the home. But he then added she can only work “within reason” — and he didn’t elaborate.

Michelle Duggar might’ve just mentioned she has a job

There are 4 realtors in our family now! Jeremiah passed his test today and joins Jim Bob, Joseph, and me as licensed real estate agents! Congrats, Jeremiah!

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Saturday, October 31, 2020

Jim Bob has plenty of business ventures of his own — but no one would’ve expected that Michelle’s too involved with them. Michelle might’ve just left a clue for fans that indicated she’s quite involved in the world of real estate, though.

On Oct. 31, 2020, Michelle posted a photo to the Duggar Family Facebook page showing her with Jim Bob and their sons, Jeremiah and Joseph. “There are four realtors in our family now!” the caption stated. “Jeremiah passed his test today and joins Jim Bob, Joseph, and me as licensed real estate agents! Congrats, Jeremiah!”

Fans took to the Duggar Family Instagram to question Michelle’s status as a licensed real estate agent.

“That’s great! I didn’t know Michelle has her license too!” a fan commented. “Such a rewarding career!”

“I didn’t know Michelle was a real estate agent too,” another added.

The Duggars are all about their real estate business

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Michelle is involved with the family business. All in all, Michelle and Jim Bob own over 100 acres of land in their home state of Arkansas. And the couple continues to buy and sell property together. It’s certainly not just Jim Bob who’s putting in the effort to make the family business function!

Because Michelle and Jim Bob have such a thriving real estate business, it makes sense that a few of their sons would join in on it, too. According to the conservative Christian ministry the Duggars belong to, it’s commonplace for members to work for themselves or members of their own family so they’re not further influenced by outside views that don’t match their own.

Congratulations are in order for Jeremiah, as he’s the next to get into real estate!

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