Michelle Obama’s No. 1 Workout Song Plus The Playlist She Loves Getting Fit To

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has long been an advocate for fitness and against the long-term illnesses brought on by obesity, and she isn’t just talking the talk. She’s lifting, and crunching, and walking the walk. The 56-year-old works out regularly, but not without the aid of some good tunes.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama | Steven Ferdman/WireImage

Find out what the Chicago native’s top playlist is when she’s working out!

Michelle Obama’s crusade as First Lady for fitness

Not only did Michelle Obama plant a vegetable garden on White House property, she made it her mission to get Americans, especially the youngest ones, moving in an effort to slow down the epidemic of obesity in our country. Her initiative, which the First Lady began in 2010, was called Let’s Move!

Michelle Obama Helps Students Harvest White House Kitchen Garden
Michelle Obama Helps Students Harvest White House Kitchen Garden | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“We want to eliminate this problem of childhood obesity in a generation,” she told Robin Roberts on ABC’s Good Morning America at that time. “We want to get that done.”

“We want our kids to face a different and more optimistic future in terms of their lifespan. We all know the numbers. I mean, one in three kids are overweight or obese, and we’re spending $150 billion a year treating obesity-related illnesses. So we know this is a problem, and there’s a lot at stake.”

Obama’s famous ‘guns’

A pair of the former First Lady’s more well-known attributes are her “guns,” her sculpted and toned arms. Obama doesn’t fool around; she can lift 35-pound weights and works out like a seasoned athlete.

While promoting her memoir, Becoming, Obama told Gayle King how typical it is of women to put their own health on the back burner to care for children, older relatives, and their own careers. She went on to say that she hoped to change that mindset, to help caregivers see self-care less as an indulgence and more as a necessity.

“. . . I found myself looking around after I had my kids, and I didn’t have time for me, but my husband was at the gym every day. And I was like, ‘well, how are you going to the gym?’ He was like, ‘I make time for the gym.’”

“. . . I found myself getting mad at him because he was doing what he needed to do for him. And I think for us as women, many of us, we have a hard time putting ourselves on our own priority list, let alone at the top of it.”

It’s incredible how toned your arms, and the rest of your body, can get just by putting your own fitness and wellness first.

Her favorite jams for working out

The mother of two most definitely likes her tunes while she’s getting a workout in. Like the rest of us, the music, the message, the beat, get her going and keep her motivated and charged up during her exercise time.

She posted this week on Instagram her go-to playlist while she’s at the gym, and it’s quite the list, even including a cool-down selection of tunes.

At the top of the list? Kirk Franklin’s A God Like You, followed by Soulmate from Lizzo, Destiny’s Child’s Lose My Breath, Beyonce’s Before I Let Go, and Cross Me from Ed Sheeran with Chance the Rapper.

Mrs. Obama knows how to work out strong with the right jams!