Michelle Yeoh Started Sliding on a Car After Someone Took a Wrong Turn In 1 ‘Supercop’ Scene

Michelle Yeoh made a name for herself for her performances in action films. Not only does she have talent, but she also earned attention for her physical prowess. Yeoh often did her own stunts, and she would sometimes sustain injuries like a torn ACL.

Supercop is another movie where Yeoh performed dangerous feats. The actor recalled a few accidents that occurred while filming. She once slid across the van that she was hanging from because of a sudden turn.

Michelle Yeoh did her own stunts in ‘Supercop’

Michelle Yeoh wears glasses and smiles on red carpet
Michelle Yeoh wears glasses and smiles on red carpet | Rich Fury

Supercop is a 1992 Hong Kong action film that stars Jackie Chan and Yeoh. The movie is about a police detective named Ka Kui, who partners up with a policewoman while undercover. The wife of a crime boss finds herself in prison, and Ka Kui has to free her to save his girlfriend.

Yeoh portrayed Ka Kui’s partner in the undercover operation, and she did multiple stunts. According to IMDb, she and Chan got into a stunt competition while filming. The daring moves they performed kept escalating, and Chan thought he would end up dead eventually.

One of the most memorable stunts Yeoh did was the scene with her on the motorcycle. The actor managed to jump her motorcycle onto the roof of a moving train. She almost fell off but managed to catch herself in time.

Another maneuver involved Yeoh rolling off a moving van and onto a convertible. Chan was driving the car, and she landed on top before falling onto the ground. Yeoh had taken more chances than she typically would.

Someone took a wrong turn while Michelle Yeoh hung from van

In a video by GQ, Yeoh discusses the risky stunts she did on top of a vehicle. Her character finds herself on top of a van that the criminals are driving. The star mentioned how a portion of what happened was not a part of the choreography. 

“So, at the time, I did take more risks than usual. Like, you know, hanging on the van. I think someone took the wrong turn, and that’s why the car suddenly swerved so hard, and you see me literally go sideways like that,” Yeoh explained. 

The force of the wrong turn caused Yeoh to slide heavily across the van. She then pulled herself on top of the roof in time to avoid hitting an oncoming bus. Of course, she later would roll off and fall on top of her co-star’s car. 

The big action scenes did not have much rehearsal before shoots, so multiple accidents on and behind the scenes. Yeoh mentioned that she would not do similar stunts again. 

Michelle Yeoh has had a successful career and is not slowing down

Yeoh began her acting career in Hong Kong movies and gained attention as a martial arts actor. She found international fame after appearing in Tomorrow Never Dies. The actor has been in a few blockbusters over the decades.

A couple of Yeoh’s notable works include Memoirs of a Geisha and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. In the past several years, she starred in Crazy Rich Asians and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She almost did not have a successful career after an injury made her consider quitting

Yeoh found her spark after a discussion with Quentin Tarantino and returned to film sets. Currently, the star is working on multiple sequels for Avatar. She also landed a role in Everything Everywhere All at Once as Evelyn Wang. 

Fans can expect to see Yeoh in the upcoming Witcher series as well. She has a busy schedule for the next few years.

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