Mike Tyson Allegedly Sexually Harassing 17-Year-Old Eve Resurfaces Amid Boxer’s Revelation to Pay Remy Ma for a Night Together

Mike Tyson is a hot subject right now. With a biopic said to be in the works and a series about his life and career currently streaming on Hulu, more about the boxer is being revealed. Just as much as he’s beloved in sports, he’s had the same amount – if not more – controversial moments. Tyson is notorious for the way he’s gone after women, even being accused of rape. After recently sharing a story about his unconventional pursuit of Remy Ma, a story about him allegedly sexually harassing Eve has resurfaced. 

Mike Tyson caught in candid photo; Tyson allegedly sexually assaulted rapper Eve
Mike Tyson caught in candid photo | Sean Dempsey – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Eve remembers an uncomfortable Mike Tyson encounter

The Queens star discussed her first encounter with the former heavyweight champion of the world, and it was not a pleasant one. She says while attending an award show, Tyson approached her and told her: “I’m going to f*** the s*** outta you.”

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In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Eve recalled being frightened. “I remember I was like I’m only 17,” she said, adding that she was “scared” and “walked fast” to get away from Tyson. “But Kiss [Jadakiss] and them was like ‘you may have to take one for the team’ (laughs) because that’s Mike Tyson, and that’s when he was biting people’s ear off.”

The Lox corroborates Eve’s story

Members of The Lox shared similar sentiments about what occurred and admitted they were afraid to step up to Tyson because of his status as a professional boxer. While Sheek Louch says he was planning a sneak attack on Tyson, the other members didn’t come to Eve’s defense. “We decided we was gonna have to poke Mike. But the problem was whoever run up on Mike was getting immediately put to sleep. Immediately,” he recalled of the event.

But Jadakiss says he didn’t get involved. “He spoke for himself because I wasn’t touching Mike,” Jadakiss said of Louch a 2016 interview with Drink Champs. “Mike told Eve. ‘Eve, I’ll f*** the s*** outta you.’ Me personally, I was on the floor,” he recalled. “It was either Vegas or L.A. We were on the red carpet. All I heard was Mike say, ‘I’ll f*** the s*** out of you, Eve.’ [I said] ‘Holy s***. What the f***?’ A regular Joe Smoe’s head would have been off. Mike, Eve you gotta hold that one. We know Mike a little crazy.”

Mike Tyson reveals he wanted a night with Remy Ma

Tyson reportedly has a history of such behavior, as he admitted in a recent interview that he had a similar experience with the “Conceited” rapper. While speaking with Fat Joe and Angie Martinez on his Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast, he spoke about his encounter with Remy, saying it occurred around 2004.

“Mike invites me to the house, and he says bring Remy Ma with you,” Joe recalled. “This is around ‘Lean Back’ or some s*** like that. We go to the house. He opens the door butt naked … Mike opens the door a**naked. I’m like, what the f*** is up, bro?’ “He takes me [on] a tour of the house, I’m not lying to you, every room I walked in, there was a chick in every room. In every f***ing room … I’m like what the f***, Iron Mike, this guy lives a f***ing life.”

Source: YouTube

But Tyson would reveal he wanted Remy. “I said, ‘Joe, just leave Remy Ma,'” Tyson admitted. “She was upstairs, and I was blocking her. She was, ‘No, no.'”

Joe confirmed such happened. “He wanted to keep Remy Ma,” the rapper said. “Tyson made her offers. He showed this convertible Benz new s***, and he was like, ‘You can keep this, all you gotta do is spend one night.’ She looked at me like, ‘Joe, if you don’t get me the f*** out this house.’ I was like, ‘Mike, we can’t do that. This is my sister’ … He offered her some f***ing 500 Benz, I was like, ‘Oh my God.'”

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