Mike Tyson Claims Rival Mitch Green Used To ‘Tie Up’ Gas Station Attendants and Pump People’s Gas To Steal Their Money — ‘He Would Hide Him Under the Gas Station’

Mike Tyson and Mitch Green have never liked each other very much. The two once squared off in the ring and outside of it, with Tyson winning both bouts. Both were talented boxers who came from rough upbringings in New York City. 

And while Tyson was no stranger to criminal activity, Green also committed some odd crimes of his own. Those crimes included robbing stations, a feat he would accomplish by imprisoning gas station employees and stealing money from unwitting customers. 

Mitch Green would imprison gas station attendants and steal money from customers 

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson and Mitch Green fight | Focus on Sport/Getty Images

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Even though Green was a professional boxer, he would still commit crimes to earn some extra cash. He earned significantly less money than Tyson did in the ring, which may explain why he felt compelled to steal. 

As strange as it sounds, he would rob gas stations by imprisoning employees and then pretending to be part of the staff. He would steal customers’ money by pretending to be an employee and pumping their gas.

“This is how interesting this guy is,” Tyson said on his Hotboxin’ podcast. “This guy would rob the gas station … So there’s not enough money if it’s too early [in the day]. If he got there too early, he would tie the guy up, hide him under the gas station, and start pumping the gas and taking the money. … My right hand to God, he would pump the gas …”

Mike Tyson and Mitch Green once got into a dangerous street fight

Tyson and Green have a long history of spite for each other. The two squared off in a boxing match in 1986 that Tyson won handily, and Green never got over it. 

Two years later, things got serious when Green confronted Tyson while he was buying clothes from fashion icon, Dapper Dan, in Harlem. Tyson had just returned from a day trip in Washington, D.C. when Green showed up at Dapper Dan’s asking Tyson why he was in his neighborhood.

“We went in there, I got my clothes, we were all laughing …” Tyson said. “We were all having a ball. … So my back is turned from everybody, but everybody is laughing, and all of a sudden everybody stopped laughing. … I turn around, Mitch Green is in this motherf—er and these guys are all scared. They didn’t wanna talk, I said, ‘Oh s–t! Mitch f—ing Green!’”

Mike Tyson nearly killed Mitch Green during their brawl 

After Green approached him, the two stepped outside to settle their beef. Tyson dominated the fight, but couldn’t end it because Green kept getting back up. Apparently, Green was high on angel dust during the altercation and became impervious to his blows.  

“So anyway, that’s when I just started punching him,” Tyson said. “Yeah, I dropped him a couple of times, but he was high on angel dust, so he kept getting up. Just like Friday the 13th, Michael Myers, that guy. Boom! I knock him cold, he gets back up.”

Tyson was ready to leave the scene until Green got up once again and broke a mirror off of his prized Rolls Royce. The champ then proceeded to exit his vehicle and finish the fight for good. 

“I got out the car, and I hit Mitch, and Mitch went down,” Tyson said. “And he bent over, and I grabbed his head and I hit him, boom, one time. And his head … hit the concrete. … Then that’s when he was out.”

After the final blow, Green stopped moving, which made Tyson believe he had killed him. Tyson fled the scene, finding out the next day that Green had survived.