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There is never a shortage of Mike Tyson stories for fans of the famed boxer. One of the most dominant forces to ever step foot in the ring, the former heavyweight champion earned a ton of money and lived a wild lifestyle because of it. 

Although Tyson was flying high and living a luxurious life for many years when he was in his prime, a string of controversial events in his personal life led to him losing his massive fortune. After filing bankruptcy in 2003, he slowly began to find opportunities in the entertainment world, notably landing a role in the popular Hangover franchise in 2009. And though Tyson’s appearance in the film was a big hit, he revealed a secret about his experience on set that few would believe. 

Mike Tyson lived a wild lifestyle in his peak years

During his prime, Tyson lived a lavish lifestyle that many people could only dream of. He was extremely wealthy due to his success in the boxing ring and had earned around $400 million from his matches alone, according to Forbes. When adding on the money he earned from endorsement with brands such as Pepsi and Nintendo, its easy to see how Tyson was able to afford items such as a $7 million diamond necklace and dozens of cars. 

Dozens of celebrities and associates have told crazy stories about Tyson and his reckless lifestyle throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Tyson himself has revealed that he gave away 17 cars, sailed the French Riviera for so long he couldn’t walk afterward, bribed the police with his wrecked Rolls Royce, and much more. 

Unfortunately, everything came to a crashing halt.

The former champ had to restart his career in the 2000s

After a slew of poor financial and personal decisions, Tyson had to file bankruptcy in 2003. According to Tyson, he owed $60 million in debt and had no idea how he was going to repay it. Luckily, his wife helped him get back on his feet, producing a Broadway show that allowed the retired boxer to turn his finances around. 

As the 2000s progressed, Tyson was cast for several small roles in television shows and films, including Rocky Balboa, Scary Movie 4, and most notably, The Hangover. His role in The Hangover played a big role in reviving his career, but according to Tyson, he was still dealing with some personal issues. 

Tyson was using cocaine during his scenes in ‘The Hangover’


Mike Tyson Owed $60 Million In Debt—Here’s His Secret to How He Turned Things Around

Tyson revealed during an interview with Graham Bensinger that in the midst of shooting his scenes for The Hangover he was high on cocaine and felt it was fairly obvious. 

“They had to know I was messed up because I couldn’t even talk. I had the cocaine talk, when the nose [holds nose and grunts],” Tyson said. “Those guys are just beautiful people, they had my back. I appreciate that. 

After the success of the first Hangover film, Tyson was cast in the sequel, much to his delight. 

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