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Miley Cyrus often makes headlines for her outrageous clothing choices, her bold musical ventures, and her similarly artistically-inclined siblings. However, she most often makes the news for her relationship choices.

Cyrus’s long-term romance with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth began when Cyrus was just a teenager, fresh from starring in the hit series Hannah Montana. Their on-again-off-again romance transformed into marriage and continued until the summer of 2019 when the two finally called it quits. Recently, Cyrus opened about her painful breakup, revealing that she knew not long after their wedding that it was over for good. 

When did Miley Cyrus start dating Liam Hemsworth?

Cyrus was a teen queen and aspiring young pop star when she first met Liam Hemsworth, on the set of the movie The Last Song. The two young co-stars bonded instantly and began dating not long after they met. Over the next few years, the couple went through several reported breakups and reconciliations, getting engaged and then calling things off in a cycle that made fans’ heads spin.

In 2013, the pair took a lengthy break from their relationship and moved on to date other people. Cyrus was even linked to the young actor Patrick Schwarzenegger.

However, by early 2016, Cyrus and Hemsworth were spotted together again, and reports claimed that the two were back together. Later that same year, Cyrus and Hemsworth got engaged again — but it would ultimately be another two years before they were ready to take their romance to the next level. 

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married in a secret ceremony

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In November 2018, Cyrus and Hemsworth lost their home and most of their possessions in a devastating wildfire that torched much of Malibu. The trauma that they endured didn’t break them up, however.

Rather, it pushed them to solidify their commitment to each other. Only a month after the fire, Cyrus and Hemsworth tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in Franklin, Tennessee.

Sadly, married life didn’t seem to suit either Cyrus or Hemsworth. In the months following their marriage, they were spotted attending a few red carpet events, but by August 2019, Cyrus began posting pictures to Instagram without her wedding ring. Around the same time, reps for the couple confirmed that they had, indeed, decided to part ways

Miley Cyrus wrote a breakup song only two months after her marriage to Liam Hemsworth


Miley Cyrus’ TMI Liam Hemsworth Confession Has Fans Convinced Reconciliation Is Possible

While speculation ran rampant, no one knows for sure what caused Cyrus and Hemsworth to split after ten years together. Hemsworth has remained mum on the issue of Cyrus, while for her part, Cyrus moved on quickly, dating Kaitlynn Carter for about a month before entering a relationship with Cody Simpson.

She also released a breakup song that became one of her biggest hits. “Slide Away” featured themes of addiction, desperation, and sadness about the loss of love, and many fans believed that it was about her romance with Hemsworth.

Recently, Cyrus opened up about when she wrote “Slide Away,” and the timeline is somewhat surprising. Cyrus revealed that she wrote the song before her breakup: “I wrote ‘Slide Away’ in February of the year before.”

Considering that she and Hemsworth got married in December 2018, the young couple would have been married for only about two months before Cyrus penned the ballad — suggesting that things were bad from the start of the marriage. Cyrus went on to state that she seems to have a prophetic habit of writing about things prior to them actually happening, as with the song “Malibu,” that she wrote prior to losing her Malibu home in the wildfire.

“I just keep speaking these things into existence,” said Cyrus. “I’ve decided to use my language to love myself, and to really create what I want to be my reality. Because otherwise, I keep doing the opposite. I burnt my house down with my words.”