Millie Bobby Brown Played a Murderer in This Hit Series Before Starring in ‘Stranger Things’

Millie Bobby Brown is widely known for portraying Eleven in the Netflix original Stranger Things. Though deemed the breakout star of the show, she’s quickly becoming more than the character she’s intimately tied to. 

Brown is now a fashion icon and one of UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassadors.  While donning Converse kicks and Calvin Klein jeans, she uses her name recognition to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and promote anti-bullying campaigns. Overnight, Brown has become a household name, and she has Stranger Things to thank for her rise to the top. 

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Brown first appeared in Stranger Things in 2016 – coming on the screen as the quiet, shell-shocked, and socially withdrawn Eleven. However, as the series progressed, she became the devout friend, committing to protecting those around her, and retaining unwavering loyalty as her strongest character attribute. 

Though Millie Bobby Brown may be most famous for her lead role in Stranger Things, she guest-starred on another hit show before becoming the household name she is today. 

Millie Bobby Brown guest-starred in ‘NCIS’ when she was just ten years old 

If you thought Millie Bobby Brown’s face looked familiar when she first took to the small screen in Stranger Things, you’re probably an avid NCIS enthusiast. A few years before landing her breakout gig in the Netflix original, Brown guest-starred in NCIS, and she was NOT merely the girl on the playground you could barely see.

In her episode of NCIS, Brown plays a young girl, Rachel, suffering from sociopathy; Rachel kills her mother when she discovers her plans to ship her to a mental institution. Rachel also murders her mother hoping to be reunited with her father (a Navy SEAl who has never been a fully present parental figure).

While Brown plays the savior in Stranger Things, she played a villain – for one satisfying episode – in NCIS. If you’re looking to see Millie Bobby Brown take on a dark and disturbing character, watch her episode from season twelve of NCIS titled “Parental Guidance Suggested.”

Brown also appeared in ‘Modern Family’ before starring as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ 

Unlike her turn in NCIS, Brown’s role in Modern Family was much more modest. If you looked away at the wrong time, you could easily miss her entire appearance. The Stranger Things star appeared in the seventeenth episode of season six of Modern Family. 

In her Modern Family episode, Brown played a less sadistic young girl named Lizzie. In a brief instant, Manny Delgado steals her bicycle and rides off down the sidewalk. 

All actors start somewhere and, as for Millie Bobby Brown, she got to play a murdering sociopath and a girl who gets her bike stolen before taking the reigns for her role in Stranger Things. 

Many fans and Hollywood influencers alike have pegged Millie Bobby Brown as one of the next great actors to take Hollywood by storm. Already appearing in Godzilla: King of Monsters, and set to star in Godzilla vs. Kong, fans anticipate her rise to fame in the industry. If anyone deserves it, it’s the girl with a contagious personality whose excitement is palpable. Not to mention, we all envy her entire wardrobe.