Mindy Kaling Was ‘So Insulted’ No One Noticed She Was Pregnant After Being Snapped by Paparazzi Weeks Before Giving Birth to Son

Former The Office star Mindy Kaling shared recently that just a month before giving birth to her newborn son Spencer, she was photographed by reporters and assumed the secret of her second pregnancy was out.

It turned out, to her horror, that her secret was safe.

Mindy Kaling, right, in a scene from 'The Mindy Project'
Mindy Kaling, right, in a scene from ‘The Mindy Project’ | Beth Dubber/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Mindy Kaling’s pregnancy was almost outed

In her appearance on Stephen Colbert’s A Late Show, Kaling shared that keeping her pregnancy hush-hush just happened as a result of the pandemic quarantine. She felt awkward sharing, with all the hardships so many were going through, what she considered her “giant health information” publicly.

At one point towards the end of her pregnancy with her son, Kaling explained to Colbert, she ventured out to buy a few infant-appropriate toys and was caught by paparazzi cameras.

“I thought, ‘Oh well, now they’re clearly going to know,’ because I was eight months’ pregnant.”

Mindy Kaling was miffed no one realized she was pregnant

Scroll to 3:33 for paparazzi photo the actor discussed with Stephen Colbert

Speaking of the photo taken of her in which Kaling’s belly is clearly protruding, she said, “So they ran this photo of me; I look very pregnant, I would say. They were too nervous to claim that I was pregnant, which was even more insulting. They were like, ‘Oh yeah, Mindy Kaling just looks like this.’…I think they just said I was buying toys for my older kid.

“But I was so insulted. I mean, like…if you’re not pregnant, you need to go to the doctor if you look like that,” she said.

With a well-placed “Right?,” Kaling tried to get Colbert to agree that anyone who looked as she did in the paparazzi photo and was not pregnant should be seeking medical advice. The late-show host diplomatically declined to offer an opinion.

“I’m not gonna jump on that train,” he stated. “Thank you for inviting me on it, though. You look fantastic.”

Kaling works out every day


‘Nothing Like I Imagined’: Mindy Kaling Gets Vulnerable In Her New Essay Collection

In her recently published Amazon Original Stories series, the actor in her essay titled “Big Shot” described how she tries to work exercise into her daily routine in her garage, which she explained she “converted into a little gym.”

Kaling revealed that “when I tell people I work out four to five times a week, I can tell they’re thinking, ‘But how can that be? You’re not in good shape.’ And that is true! But this is the paradox of my life. I love running because it puts me in an instant good mood, and I think I read on the back of a box of Cheerios that it’s good for my heart.”

The Never Have I Ever executive producer then shared what millions of others struggle with: the pull between living more healthily and eating junk.

“I also love alcohol, fast-food hamburgers, and eating gluten. So it’s a perilous teeter-totter that I am trying to get away with until my doctors tell me I’m in trouble. I’m not sitting here recommending this diet, but it makes me happy.”