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One of the longest-running video games available today is Minecraft. It’s been around for over a decade and it still brings fun and entertainment to tons of people, some creating all kinds of projects like castles and roller coasters. Mojang, who was bought out by Microsoft keeps updating it every couple of years so the game stays fresh and has something new for Minecraft players to enjoy. 

According to Rock Paper Shotgun, one of the newest additions (among many) to the recent update, are goats. What are they for and can you tame one? Let’s find out. 

The types of Minecraft Goats you’ll come across in your adventure

‘Minecraft’ | Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Minecraft is on PC, as well as some of the gaming consoles. Even the pocket edition of the game has moved to smartphones, offering almost all the items the original one has.

The newest update to the PC brought a few new mobs into the game. While many love the cute Axolotls and the shiny glowing squids, the most interesting mob added in the first part of the caves and cliffs release are the goats. Mountain goats, that is. These animals hang out in the mountain biomes and can jump two blocks high, almost as high as ones in real life do. 

When you stumble across them, you’re either going to face one that’s not bothered by your presence or one that could ram you back pretty far. Each goat comes with a timer, of sorts, that ranges anywhere from 30 to 300 seconds. When their internal “clock” goes off, and a nearby target hasn’t moved in that amount of time, it will run at it and ram it in the air, sometimes knocking it off the mountain. 

About one in every 50 goats or so will make noises that sound like screaming. These tend to be more aggressive, and their internal timer is much shorter, like 5-15 seconds. The ramming doesn’t deal any damage, but if you fall too far off the mountain, you could still lose a few hearts, or even die. 

What can you do with a Minecraft Goat?

These goats are not tameable, but you can breed them to get a whole colony going. Just like cows and sheep, all you need to do is give two of them wheat and they will make a baby. Be careful, because even the baby can ram you, it just won’t be as far as the adult-sized ones are capable of. 

You can also use the wheat to lure the goats to wherever you want to keep them or you can try a lead. Once there, you can use your group of goats as a secondary milk source next to the cows. Just right-click an empty bucket on them. 

If you’re in a hurry to get a baby goat to grow, you can move things along a little faster by feeding it wheat. While it won’t be instantaneous, like bone-mealing a tree, it will shorten your wait time for them to grow into adulthood. 

What else is new with the Minecraft Goat mob?


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According to, these goats wander around the mountains but will avoid walking in the powdery snow areas. They’re often seen jumping up and down the sides of some of the tallest mountains around. 

They are capable of ramming any kind of mob. That includes you, a passive, or even an aggressive mob. When they ram any creature, like a creeper, it won’t retaliate back. 

You’re the only one that has the opportunity to attack them, and good luck with that, they’ll likely become even more aggressive. For those using the Bedrock version, instead of the Java edition, if they ram a solid block, the goat will lose a horn. You can pick it up and use it as a war horn.

Another new addition to the update is the new advancement that you can now get. If you get a goat companion and lead them into a boat, and then float right along with them, you’ll receive the ‘Whatever floats your goat’ achievement. 

The new version has many new features to the first part of the caves and cliffs update. The mountain goats are only one of a long list of items. To experience them for yourselves, simply open up a vanilla world of the 1.17 version and create your own Minecraft world.