Miranda Lambert’s Favorite Song of the 2010s Was Controversial

Miranda Lambert is widely respected as a country songwriter. A song earning her approval is a major accomplishment. Lambert has been very open about her musical tastes, so we know which country songs she likes.

In recent months, she has opened up about her favorite song of the 2010s. She picked a track that sparked controversy. Let’s see what Lambert and the song’s writers think about it.

Miranda Lambert performing
Miranda Lambert performing | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Miranda Lambert’s favorite song of the 2010s

In an interview from February 2020, Lambert discussed her favorite topics about which to write songs. She revealed most of her favorite country songs often center on beer or love. She explained why: “Those two things are pretty universal and make people be honest with themselves.”

It’s no surprise Lambert’s song of the 2010s centers on love. She told Rolling Stone in December 2019 her favorite song of the decade was “Girl Crush,” a ballad by country band Little Big Town. “Girl Crush” is a track that has often been interpreted differently by listeners.

Miranda Lambert loved “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

What the song’s writers said about it

According to Entertainment Weekly, the track was written by Hillary Lindsey with her regular collaborators Liz Rose and Lori McKenna. AllMusic says Lindsey has written hits for major stars, including Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” and Carrie Underwood’s early single “Jesus Take the Wheel.” Lindsey explained how she perceived the mindset of the woman in the song. “She wants what the other girl has. She wants to be the other girl, because the other girl has him.”

The Washington Post reports Lindsey wrote the track during a writing session set up for women. Little Big Town members Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman were enamored with the track because they felt it perfectly captured the feeling of jealousy. Fairchild said, “It’s a genius lyric, such a beautifully written song about jealousy. It was like, ‘Why would we not cut this?’”

How listeners reacted to ‘Girl Crush’

Miranda Lambert isn’t the only star who liked “Girl Crush”

Although the members of Little Big Town and the song’s writers explained their interpretation of “Girl Crush,” listeners interpreted the track in their own way. Some music fans hailed the the song and viewed it as being about lesbianism. Some country music fans came out against the song. Entertainment Weekly noted the backlash was “isolated” and the track performed well on online platforms.

Lambert isn’t the only superstar musician to show appreciation for “Girl Crush.” According to Rolling Stone, Harry Styles performed the track during a 2017 concert. He called it “one of my favorite songs recently that’s come out of” Nashville.

“Girl Crush” might have sparked controversy among some country music fans. However, two of the world’s biggest stars have expressed their appreciation for it. That’s an incredible compliment.

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